Levy says BDS may undo Israeli denial and propaganda– even as Lapid calls it Hamas’s ‘puppet’

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Further signs of the crisis in Israel’s international reputation. Yair Lapid is the former Israeli finance minister and the head of a centrist party called There is a Future (Yesh Atid) and is supposedly sophisticated, in the Israeli frame anyway.

And lest you underestimate Israel’s enemies, Lapid also said this:

Lapid spoke in New York at a synagogue on Saturday and called on Diaspora Jews to support Israel in its fight against BDS. Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban will show up; but how many young Jews?

Not if they’re reading Gideon Levy. He had a stunning column about BDS in Haaretz yesterday saying all the propaganda attacks on BDS aren’t fooling anyone except the Israelis themselves. They are disconnected from reality:

The policy of denial and disconnection from reality is rising to a dangerous level, and the illness is getting worse. When the world starts to show encouraging signs of stirring to action, Israel further entrenches itself in its imaginary reality and erects more and more separation barriers for itself. Israel seems to think that what worked well in its society and succeeded in almost totally wiping out all consciousness and awareness, will work just as well in the rest of the world.

And Levy credits BDS as a campaign aimed at implementing justice and international law:

It’s only to be expected when facing a worldwide campaign aimed at implementing justice and international law: the stage of denial, of repression and clinging to the false, nearly magical belief that if Israel will just explain its position better and invest the appropriate resources, everything will be fine. In other words, Israel continues to think that the world is dumb (and Israel is smart).

Propaganda has replaced policy-making for Israelis, and it’s coming to an end:

You can blame the Palestinians for everything and obscure the simple fact that this brutal occupation is Israeli. You can tell the world that it all belongs to us because the Bible says so and believe that anyone will take you seriously. You can be sure that the memory of the Holocaust will serve us forever, and justify any injustice.

Of course, it won’t work indefinitely. It hasn’t worked in any country in history, no matter how strong and well-established, not even in the mightiest empires. Justice always triumphs in the end, even if very belatedly. And justice says that Israel cannot continue to tyrannize another people forever, even if Haim Saban himself lends his support.

Saban, who supports Hillary Clinton, is one of the backers of the anti-BDS conference in Vegas this weekend.

Thanks to Scott Roth.


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Thank you for highlighting Levy’s brilliant column, Phil. By doing so, I hope it gets the widest distribution possible because it deserves it. People need to read Levy in order to get the truth. He’s a tenacious and eloquent truth- teller, but this one particular column is, as you wrote,… Read more »

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Absolutely agree Just. Well said Gideon Levy is precious Kris, Filipino and other Asian carers (Sri Lankans, Nepalese etc) are extremely widespread in Israel. They work very long hours, get one day a week off and if they’re lucky get to back home once a year. Many Israelis expect to… Read more »