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Netanyahu under siege, in ‘the most embattled democracy on earth’

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Over the weekend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has made two statements that demonstrate that a siege mentality has enveloped him due to the progress of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign (BDS).

First, he issued a statement to the Sheldon Adelson “summit” in Las Vegas aimed at countering BDS to thank those gathered for allowing “young Jews to stand tall” for Israel, “the most embattled democracy on earth that seeks a genuine peace while fending off the forces of barbaric terrorism.” In that statement he references the recent challenge in FIFA and the comment by an executive of the French telecom company Orange that he wanted to get out of Israel.

Then Netanyahu made a statement at the start of his Cabinet meeting this morning that seemed even more dire. Notice the Prime Minister’s grave gaunt demeanor in the video below as he begins by speaking of Hamas rockets and says the international community will not keep Israel from using “our full strength to uphold our right to defend ourselves.” Another attack on Gaza?

He stated, “The spreading hypocrisy in the world will not tie our hands.”

Then he says he is organizing an “offensive” effort against the BDS movement, which aims to delegitimize the Jewish state, not only in the settlements.

And Netanyahu appears very defensive about the failure to undertake any peace negotiations.

Below are both statements, this morning’s first. I believe a crisis is approaching. Consider Netanyahu’s militant warnings. Consider that President Obama and the liberal Zionists — Peace Now– have both opposed the resumption of peace talks because they say Netanyahu is not serious. And because of the farce of the peace process, BDS is making strides in Europe; and being debated in mainstream American spaces; and everyone says the status quo is unsustainable.

Netanyahu’s comments to his Cabinet (thanks to Yeshiva World for transcription):

“Israel holds Hamas responsible for all firing from Gaza at our territory. I have not heard anyone in the international community condemn this firing; neither has UN said a word. It will be interesting if this silence continues when we use our full strength to uphold our right to defend ourselves. Let it be clear: The spreading hypocrisy in the world will not tie our hands and prevent us from protecting Israel’s citizens. Thus we have acted; thus we will act.

“An additional action that we are in the midst of is establishing an offensive, first of all offensive, but also defensive, network in the face of attempts to boycott the State of Israel and harm the IDF’s right to defend the citizens of the country. As far as those pushing the boycotts are concerned, the settlements in Judea and Samaria are not the focus of the conflict, but our settling in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Beersheva, Haifa and – of course – Jerusalem.

“While we call for a resumption of the diplomatic negotiations, the Palestinians are taking steps against us at the UN and at the international court in The Hague. They shun negotiations and at the same time are also pushing international sanctions and UN Security Council decisions against us because there are no negotiations. They ran from Barak, Sharon and Olmert, they ran from them all, and then they accuse us. Here as well their cynicism knows no bounds, and I regret that there are those who fall into this trap of organized hypocrisy.

“Against attempts to attack Israel with lies, false accusations and boycotts, we must line up – Right and Left – to rebuff the pressure, expose the lies and attack those who attack us. We will gather forces in Israel and around the world to shatter the lies of our enemies, and we will fight for Israel’s right to live in peace and security, to live at all.”

From the Prime Minister’s office; the following are Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s greetings to participants at the anti-BDS summit in Las Vegas:

“Greetings from Jerusalem.

I wanted to commend all of you for participating in this weekend’s summit and for all of your hard work on campus.

Delegitimization of Israel is a major challenge facing the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Just in the last week, there was an attempt to throw Israel out of FIFA;

The National Union of Students in the UK voted to support boycotting Israel;

And the CEO of a French telecommunications company declared his intention to end the company’s business dealings with Israel.

His subsequent words of admiration for Israel don’t square with his unequivocally hostile remarks in Cairo.

Delegitimization of Israel must be fought, and you are on the front lines.

It’s not about this or that Israeli policy.

It’s about our right to exist here as a free people.

Our right to defend ourselves.

Our right to determine our own future.

There is no Jewish future without the Jewish state.

And I thank each and every one of you for defending Israel on campus.

So young Jews will know they can stand tall and be proud of Israel.

And so friends of Israel can be armed with facts to defend the truth.

And so everyone will see that Israel, the most embattled democracy on earth that seeks a genuine peace while fending off the forces of barbaric terrorism, deserves their support.

The Israeli government is committed to launching assertive and innovative programs and to joining you any many others around the world to combat the lies and slander that are leveled against us.

Our most potent weapon is the truth.

We must speak the truth – loudly, clearly, proudly.

I wish you all a productive summit.

Shabbat shalom.”

Thanks to Allison Deger.

Philip Weiss

Philip Weiss is senior editor of and founded the site in 2005-06.

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54 Responses

  1. a blah chick on June 7, 2015, 11:50 am

    His statements sound particularly rousing in their original german.

  2. Kris on June 7, 2015, 12:13 pm

    Netanyahu: “Our most potent weapon is the truth.”

    I guess his media shills at NPR haven’t gotten that message yet. My husband had turned the radio to NPR, so I just heard Deborah Amis “report” on a rocket fired from Gaza last night, and how it is Hamas’s responsibility.

    I quickly turned to the CBC, just in time to hear their reporter in Jerusalem say the recent rockets were fired by a group supporting ISIS in order to harm Hamas, which had killed one of their leaders, but that nevertheless, Netanyahu was claiming that Hamas was responsible.

    “Israel has said it will not take into account who exactly is responsible for attacks from a Hamas-controlled territory.”

    • Krauss on June 7, 2015, 12:59 pm

      NPR/NYT, it’s all Likudnik on Israel. It really is a question of needing to “go” outside the country to get real coverage, like the CBC.

      And as always: nobody ever writes stories about the countless times Israel breaks the ceasefire. That’s the real hypocrisy and the true reason why Netanyahu is terrified: people are beginning to notice.

    • Kay24 on June 7, 2015, 1:38 pm

      This from the liar from Tel Aviv, who sat in front of a senate panel and stated, without any doubt, that Saddam had WMD’s, and who stood in front of the entire world with his stupid looking cartoon bomb, pounding his chest and saying that Iran was on brink of having a nuclear weapons. Yeah right.

      Those who go along with his lies, only pretend they believe him.

  3. just on June 7, 2015, 12:23 pm

    ““Against attempts to attack Israel with lies, false accusations and boycotts, we must line up – Right and Left – to rebuff the pressure, expose the lies and attack those who attack us.”

    Doesn’t he know that the world can see that the Emperor has no clothes? He’s the liar, and he’s the one who exposed all of the lies that ‘the West’ has swallowed so eagerly in the past. I found it ‘charming’ that he issued this edict as well:

    “Netanyahu instructs Israel’s Paris embassy to turn down Orange CEO’s request to meet
    Prime minister, who is also the foreign minister, tells staff to convey to Stephane Richard that if he wishes to offer explanations on the firm’s relations to Israel, he was invited to come to Israel to do so.”

    Wholly inappropriate. Wholly megalomaniacal. Wholly Netanyahu.

    And again with the complaining and threats:

    “I have not heard anyone in the international community condemn this firing; neither has UN said a word. It will be interesting if this silence continues when we use our full strength to uphold our right to defend ourselves.”

    I haven’t heard much from the international community or the UN regarding the situation, either. “Since the end of the 51-day war last summer, Gaza’s armed resistance factions have largely observed the ceasefire amid near-daily Israeli violations.” – See more at:

    For that matter, anyone can access Kate’s compilations for more detail on the Israeli violence and violations~ here’s the latest:

    “Two Palestinian families are brutally attacked in Jerusalem as their homes are taken from them” – See more at:

    And there’s this:

    “Israel launches intense efforts to halt EU directive to label settlement products
    Intensive diplomatic efforts underway to halt or at least postpone planned EU directive to label Israeli goods made in West Bank, East Jerusalem and Golan Heights.”

    The desperation is palpable~ these are dangerous times. He could engage constructively, but he hasn’t and he won’t. There’s nothing so dangerous as a cornered rat.

    “the most embattled democracy on earth that seeks a genuine peace while fending off the forces of barbaric terrorism.” – See more at:

    I fear for the innocents, as usual. He plays the victim while he victimizes millions.

    Thanks, Phil.

    • Laurent Weppe on June 7, 2015, 2:06 pm

      Doesn’t he know that the world can see that the Emperor has no clothes?

      The Emperor may be naked, but he still has a pretorian guard which he trust to beat up anyone who’d dare mention his nude skin to his face.

  4. Citizen on June 7, 2015, 12:29 pm

    Everything he says about “the Other” actually applies to him and his state action. Didn’t Freud call that “projection”?

  5. Marnie on June 7, 2015, 12:46 pm

    ‘Our most potent weapon is the truth”.

    “We must speak the truth – loudly, clearly, proudly.”

    Since the “truth” is damning to the zionist cause, and speaking with clarity is not ‘Yahoos forte, the only thing he can succeed at is making is loud noises, which he’ll do with great pride. Certifiable loon and putz.

  6. Landie_C on June 7, 2015, 12:51 pm

    Isn’t it time for Jewish anti-Zionists to get even more creative? Now that the Obama administration has registered its pique with Israel in so many ways, including a meeting with Breaking the Silence, why not consider this:

    Create a group that seeks political asylum for any Jewish high school student who refuses to serve in the IDF for explicitly political reasons and who is therefore liable to be imprisoned

    Get financial sponsors who are willing to finance the cost of providing safe haven for these students in the US

    Meet with State Department officials and other administration officials to discuss new laws and regulations accommodating this type of political asylum request

    (Meet with the appropriate UN, EU and European country officials)

    Publicize the new group and the new State Department guidelines for political asylum as they apply to Shministim

    I doubt this can come to fruition, but what if a different country is approached first – Sweden, perhaps?

    I welcome everyone’s feedback on this admittedly fanciful idea for helping young people in need, encouraging draft evasion, and promoting yeridah.

    Is there any country in the world which grants asylum to those who refuse military service and face imprisonment? Any precedent whatsover?

    • JWalters on June 7, 2015, 5:16 pm

      “helping young people in need”

      I like this idea a lot, and would suggest a parallel support organization for Jewish Americans who are looking to break free from the emotional pressures of families and friends.

      It would provide safe, anonymous support groups where young (and older) people could explore the break, and get comfortable with it in steps. They could get their facts organized and prioritized, and have practice conversations to prepare them for going public to their families and friends.

      • peter hindrup on June 8, 2015, 4:13 am

        You people ought to get in touch with Miko Peled, author of ‘The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,’ who has only recently made that journey. He lives in the US.

    • Kris on June 7, 2015, 5:17 pm

      This is a wonderful idea, Landie-C.

    • RoHa on June 7, 2015, 9:38 pm

      During the Vietnam War numerous Americans decided they would rather be Canadians or Swedes. (I met some when I lived in Sweden.) Quite a few Ausralians decided to pay extended visits to their relatives in Britain or various bits of Europe.

      So yes, there is a precedent.

      (But Sweden isn’t your best choice if your name is Assange.)

      • Landie_C on June 8, 2015, 8:20 am

        Thanks, all (JWalters, Kris, RoHa).

        You’re right, RoHa, I grew up in that era and did have it at the back of my mind. What I’m thinking of, though, goes beyond a kind of benign acceptance and strays more into assertive Amnesty International terrain. AI has already written reports charging countries like South Korea (and probably Israel, too) with violations of international law by imprisoning concientious objectors. And what I’m envisioning is a specifically Jewish organization that accomplishes several things:

        Reminds all Jews, including Israelis, of Albert O. Hirschman’s ideas about “exit, voice, and loyalty.” Why should older Israeli Jewish teens, who were born in Israel through no “fault” of their own, be compelled to served in the IDF against their will, when Israel is not actually at war? What should happen to these teens when their own parents won’t emigrate and/or wont give these teens the money and assistance they require to start all over again in another country?

        Drives home the point to all Jews that the Israeli government has put the country on a permanent war footing and that this corrodes “democracy”, such that it is, in Israel.

        As a Jewish organization, it could also serve to remind all Jews that there once existed a flourishing, anti-Zionist opposition among Jews and that the conscientious objection of young Israeli Jews actually taps into a hallowed, but now partially obliterated, tradition of anti-statism, anti-imperialism and pro-peaceableness.

        Based on an estimate I found online for 2014, I would assume that hard-core, utterly fearless Shministim amount to not much more than around 60-100 individuals. But with an outside Jewish organization created specifically to help them emigrate if they so choose, those numbers could swell considerably and still remain manageable. Consider it a kind of “Taglit-Birthright” in reverse, only it helps you stay in the country of your choice permanently and helps finance a continuing education.

        One area I know nothing about is the international legality of assisting a 17 year old to emigrate over the objections of his or her parents.

      • Eva Smagacz on June 8, 2015, 9:25 am

        Landie C

        Can people on IDF recruitment list leave the country to seek asylum anywhere else?

    • Landie_C on June 8, 2015, 9:53 am

      Can people on IDF recruitment list leave the country to seek asylum anywhere else? (Eve C)

      Excellent question, Eve. I’ve been wondering the same thing myself.

      I’m just thinking out loud here, hoping that those far more knowledgeable about Israel than I am will give me some useful feedback.

    • biggerjake on June 9, 2015, 11:31 am

      We also need a PAC that will help elect US politicians who support freeing Palestine and the BDS efforts.

      With the new lax rules for donations, it would be possible to garner large amounts of money from undisclosed sources for such an effort.

      I’m sure that an ambitious sort could find plenty of big money donors that hate the illegal, immoral occupation of Palestine, the marginalization of the Palestinians and the Arab citizens of Israel and the stranglehold that Zionist organizations have on the congress and the media.

      Peter Hindrup mentions Miko Peled in a comment on this thread. Miko is a very credible critic of Israel as he is Jewish, Israeli, a former IDF soldier and the son of a famous Israeli general. He has been on RT several times and is a very popular speaker all around the world and yet not one US program will have him on.

      Miko now lives in the US and would make an excellent senator. He would be the kind of candidate our PAC would support.

      • Kris on June 9, 2015, 11:45 am

        This is a really good idea.

      • just on June 9, 2015, 12:22 pm

        It’s a fantastic idea, biggerjake! I can think of more than a few others, too.


  7. Xpat on June 7, 2015, 1:07 pm

    Good for Netanyahu for referencing FIFA.
    Like Sepp Blatter, Netanyahu won an election after the voters had plenty of information to know better. And now the international community is repudiating both men and their electorates.

  8. just on June 7, 2015, 1:32 pm

    “White House backs Israel over retaliatory airstrike on Gaza
    Asked about IDF strike, White House spokesman Josh Earnest says U.S. stands with Israel in right to defend against rocket attacks.

    The White House reaffirmed on Sunday its support for Israel’s right to defend itself after Israeli aircraft struck the Gaza Strip in retaliation for a series of rocket attacks.

    “Clearly the U.S. stands with the people of Israel as they defend their people and their nation against these kind of attacks,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest, accompanying President Barack Obama at a G7 summit in Germany, told reporters.

    On Saturday evening, a rocket exploded in an open area in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council in southern Israel. No damage was reported.

    A Salafist group calling itself the Omar Brigades, which identifies with ISIS, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire on Twitter later Saturday night. The group said it would not abide by an informal truce agreed between Hamas and Israel after last summer’s 50-day Gaza war, adding that that the rockets were a reminder to Hamas that Israel, not the Salafists, were “the enemy.”

    In response, Israel Air Force struck “terror infrastructure” targets in northern Gaza Strip overnight, according to a statement released just before 4 A.M. by the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

    Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon also ordered the closure of both the Erez and Kerem Shalom border crossings between Israel and the Strip.”…

    aargh. And here’s Earnest (insert any WH spokesperson) emerging just like the well- trained cuckoo at the top of the hour.

    Anyone know who these “Salafists aka Omar Brigades” really are?

    • Kay24 on June 7, 2015, 1:40 pm

      Looks like Israel is thirsting to drop their bombs again, and this time targeting the few remaining structures that they could not get to last time.

  9. bryan on June 7, 2015, 1:48 pm

    “Our most potent weapon is the truth. We must speak the truth – loudly, clearly, proudly.”
    “There is no Jewish future without the Jewish state”.

    I must have it completely wrong because I thought the first Jewish state was destroyed two thousand years before it was recreated by Zionism, but that Judaism and Jewish culture survived those two thousand years without a Jewish state, and that Jews living in America, Canada, Britain, France and many other countries were more prosperous and more influential prior to the creation of the Jewish state than at any time in the earlier history of those countries. I was also under the misapprehension that at the point of the creation of a Zionist state, strong and vibrant Jewish communities existed in North Africa and throughout the Middle East and were destroyed, not by the Holocaust, but by the creation of a Jewish state. Please do “speak the truth – loudly, clearly, proudly” – but make sure it is the truth.

  10. David Doppler on June 7, 2015, 2:31 pm

    Netanyahu’s main tactic a year ago, as peace talks fell apart, was to start a war with Gaza. His tactic in the winter was to call new elections to secure a stronger, righter-wing coalition. His tactic now will be either or both of an invasion of Lebanon or Gaza.

    He confuses his own political trajectory with his country’s existence, and is growing ever more desperate as his tactics fail, backfire, or prove only short-term distractions, with progressively shorter terms. He’s progressively sacrificing US support, although Obama is maddeningly nuanced in his approach to escalation of consequences.

    He’s offering his fanatic followers Likudnik Kool-Aid, and the moment to drink the fatal dose is rapidly approaching.

  11. amigo on June 7, 2015, 2:39 pm

    “Our most potent weapon is the truth.” nuttyahoo.

    Nope bibiboy, Truth is your most potent enemy.

    Ron Prosor was in fine voice at the same venue , parroting nietanyahu,s claims and usual hasbara chants.All on message , all in perfect harmony,as if that is going to change the worlds mind about the rogue state (sans frontiere).

  12. just on June 7, 2015, 2:43 pm

    Enter China:

    “China demands workers sent to Israel not be placed in West Bank settlements
    Beijing’s condition is holding up the signing of a bilateral labor agreement with Israel.

    Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s plan to bring Chinese construction workers to Israel to accelerate home building has hit a diplomatic snag as Beijing conditions signing a bilateral labor accord on its nationals not working in West Bank settlements.

    China’s condition, which it says is due to safety concerns rather than politics, has snagged implementation of a year-old cabinet resolution authorizing an increase in the number of foreign construction workers initially to 8,000 and later to 15,000. The extra workers are part of a range of government efforts to build more homes and bring down prices, but without an accord with China, the 8,000 target hasn’t been reached.

    The stalemate with China comes as Israel comes under pressure from Europe to distinguish between pre-1967 Israel and West Bank settlements. Last year it added clauses to a key scientific accord that barred European Union money from aiding West Bank institutions and it now moving forward with plans to require separate labelling for products made in the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is determined to fight such moves.

    The negotiations with China are part of a series of bilateral accords Israel has sought to reach with governments to end abuses of foreign guest workers. Since 2011, Israel has signed bilateral agreements with Thailand and Sri Lanka regarding farm workers, and with Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania for construction workers. Negotiations with Nepal and Sri Lanka are under way for home healthcare workers.

    Israel’s new policy came after the government received low score from the United States State Department on labor practices and was hit by a host of petitions with the Israeli High Court of Justice over abuse of foreign workers. That coaxed officials into revising policy four years ago so that foreign construction and farm workers would be employed through government-to-government agreements.”…

    more @

    ~And France:

    “Hollande reassures Netanyahu of France’s anti-boycott stance

    PM expresses opposition to proposed French resolution on conflict in the UN security council.

    rench President Francois Hollande told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening that he categorically opposes boycotts of Israel and expressed the desire to maintain economic ties between the two countries, according to a statement issued by Netanyahu’s office.

    Hollande made the remarks in a phone conversation that followed the storm over comments by Orange CEO Stephane Richard last week about his company’s ties with Israel.

    Netanyahu reaffirmed his commitment to a two-state solution with the Palestinians during the conversation, but expressed opposition to the move by France to pass a resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue in the United Nations Security Council, the Prime Minister’s Office said.

    “The prime minister expressed his objection to the attempt to impose a settlement on Israel, an effort that will only reduce the chances of an arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians,” according to the statement. “The prime minister stressed that such attempts merely give the Palestinians incentive not to enter into direct negotiations without preconditions.””…

    I never dreamed that Israel had to import laborers…farm workers, construction workers, and home healthcare workers. hmmmmm.

    • a blah chick on June 7, 2015, 4:07 pm

      “I never dreamed that Israel had to import laborers…farm workers, construction workers, and home healthcare workers. hmmmmm.”

      Well, someone had to replace all that cheap Arab labor from the territories. I guess most Jewish immigrants would rather go into the army so they can swagger around TA in uniform chatting up the baristas. There’s no glory in taking care of a hospice patient.

      Israel’s been trying to cozy up to China for some time. But if they’re thinking that they can jerk Asian countries around like they do us they’re in for bitter disappointment.

      • JLewisDickerson on June 7, 2015, 6:24 pm

        SEE: “Israel Criticized For Leaving Pregnant Surrogates In Nepal”,, 4/30/15

        [EXCERPTS] Israel evacuated 26 newborns from Nepal but left behind about 100 pregnant women — surrogates, carrying the babies for Israeli parents. Renee Montagne talks to Debra Kamin, a journalist in Tel Aviv.

        RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: One of the more unexpected rescues from the Nepal earthquake is the evacuation of 26 newborn babies to Israel. Parents of these babies are mostly gay men, Israelis. The newborns were carried and delivered by surrogate mothers in Nepal. And Israel’s decision to airlift the babies but leave the mothers behind has caused some controversy. Debra Kamin is an Israeli journalist in Tel Aviv, reporting this story for Time magazine.

        DEBRA KAMIN: The reason behind this whole situation is that surrogacy in Israel is limited only to married heterosexual couples. So either single parents or gay parents and couples who want to have a biological child often use surrogates. And Nepal in the past few years has become one of the most popular destinations for Israelis to go looking for surrogates mainly because of the cost. It’s very cheap in Nepal compared to other countries. . .

        CONTINUED AT –

        P.S. ALSO SEE: “Human Factory Farming and the Campaign to Outlaw Surrogacy”, by Mirah Riben,, May 30th, 2015 –

      • mikeo on June 7, 2015, 11:19 pm

        Israel’s been trying to cozy up to China for some time. But if they’re thinking that they can jerk Asian countries around like they do us they’re in for bitter disappointment.

        Yes, if they think they can take the piss with China like they do with America then the Israeli’s are even more stupid and short-sighted than they seem – and that’s saying something.

        They simply have no leverage there…
        What they get will be transactional and the Chinese certainly wouldn’t forgive and forget a “Liberty” should the Israeli’s try that stuff.

        There’s no chance of Hasbara in China – the PRC runs its own propaganda not outsiders!

    • SQ Debris on June 7, 2015, 8:39 pm

      Thai, Turkish, Indonesian, there are plane loads of foreign workers rolling into Israel so that the occupation can starve out Palestinians by denying them employment. Israel doesn’t have a problem with non-Jews doing the shit jobs. It has a problem with Palestinians making a living.

      • catalan on June 7, 2015, 8:52 pm

        “Israel doesn’t have a problem with non-Jews doing the shit jobs – ” SQ
        It would be enlightening to see a liberal perspective on which jobs constitute “shit” and which are “roses”. I wonder where cleaning ladies fall in this categorization.

      • just on June 7, 2015, 8:52 pm

        I agree with that entirely, SQ Debris.

        On another note, what about the Ethiopian Israelis who are underemployed? How about all those African refugees imprisoned @ Holot, who only want to breathe free, that are not going to be allowed to do that, and are instead awaiting Israel to “make a deal” with human rights abusers?

        “Israel has granted refugee status to 0.07% of African asylum seekers” – See more at:

  13. eljay on June 7, 2015, 3:57 pm

    Bibi “King of all Jews” Netanyahu is a hateful and immoral Zio-supremacist and hypocrite who believes that he and people like him are entitled to do unto others acts of injustice and immorality they would not have others do unto them.

    There is no Jewish future without the Jewish state.

    There was a “Jewish future” before the supremacist “Jewish State” existed, and there will be a “Jewish future” once the supremacist “Jewish State” is gone.

  14. ramzijaber on June 7, 2015, 3:58 pm

    Massada mentality.
    Colonial criminality.
    Arrogant amorality.

    • gamal on June 7, 2015, 7:04 pm

      reminds me of the late great Samih al Qassem, his “Bats” is great also. This is

      Travel Tickets

      On the day you kill me
      You’ll find in my pocket
      Travel tickets
      To peace,
      To the fields and the rain,
      To people’s conscience.
      Don’t waste the tickets.

      Samih al-Qasim

      • just on June 7, 2015, 8:20 pm

        oh, gamal.

        Thanks for that.

      • gamal on June 7, 2015, 8:54 pm

        I see your post below just,”lie then bribe” incidentally Qasim was a Palestinian Druze.

  15. a blah chick on June 7, 2015, 5:30 pm

    Well, well, well.

    “I call on the international community… to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan,” Naftali Bennett, head of the Jewish Home party, said in a speech at a time of increasing world pressure on Israel over the occupied West Bank and Arab east Jerusalem.”

    This should end well.

    “I understand that there is a disagreement on Judaea and Samaria, what the world calls the West Bank. I understand that on this we shall agree to disagree,” he said. “But the Golan, to ban agricultural exports from the Golan? Where is the logic, where is your morality.”


    “”Who would you like us to give the Golan Heights to? To (Syrian President Bashar al-) Assad? To (Al-Qaeda affiliate) Al-Nusra Front? To the Islamic State (jihadist) group. To (Lebanon’s) Hezbollah?,” he asked.”

    Well, I guess we could turn it over to Al-Nusra, you know, your allies in Syria. In the meantime while we’re sorting that out you can withdraw your troops and settlers. And shut down those dang wineries, no one’s drinking that swill anyway.


    • Walid on June 7, 2015, 10:54 pm

      “And shut down those dang wineries, no one’s drinking that swill anyway.” (abc)

      This is a $350 million/year industry in Israel, of which a quarter comes from Israel’s theft of the Golan. The biggest Golan export is the bottled spring water and ironically, while Scotland and other European countries are actually boycotting stolen Golan (Strauss) bottled water, among its customers are the Palestinians on the West Bank. Before its current war, Syria each year had been actually buying tens of thousands of Golan-grown apples from Israel. When it comes to supporting BDS, Arabs are its least enthusiastic participants.

      The EU is currently drafting directives to its members in dealing with Israeli settlement products and Israel is doing its utmost to block this.

  16. JLewisDickerson on June 7, 2015, 6:02 pm

    RE: “I believe a crisis is approaching. Consider Netanyahu’s militant warnings.” ~ Weiss

    SEE: “Israel Signals it’s Ready to Destroy Hezbollah ~ Include Iran as a Twofer!”, by Franklin Lamb,, June 5-7, 2015
    LINK –

    • JLewisDickerson on June 7, 2015, 6:07 pm

      P.S. Israel is determined to attack Lebanon to neutralize Hezbollah in preparation for bombing Iran.

      DICKERSON3870 August 7, 2014, 5:32 pm
      RE: “Does it make sense to sacrifice 64 Israelis, and to bomb densely populated civilian areas for four weeks, 24 hours a day, to gain three or five years of ‘quiet’ from pesky, but ineffectual rockets. Not peace, but quiet. Feiglin doesn’t think so, and in that, surely, he is right.” ~ Roland Nikles

      I’m a bit surprised that no one anywhere seems to have raised the possibility that Operation Protective Edge might actually be the first op of an operational trilogy. Israel’s second op would be neutralizing Hezbollah in Lebanon.
      After these two prerequisite ops have been completed, and Hezbollah and Hamas have been deemed sufficiently neutralized, the third op (i.e., the Grand Finale) would be Israel eliminating Iran’s nuclear program.

      SOURCE –

      • Walid on June 7, 2015, 11:17 pm

        “Israel is determined to attack Lebanon to neutralize Hezbollah in preparation for bombing Iran. ” (JLD)

        Israel is more preoccupied with the creation of a Palestinian state than with Hizbullah or Iran that would attack Israel only in retaliation. All the Israeli war talk is a prelude to hitting the Palestinians in Gaza and the WB. As to Iran, Israel, forever the hooker, is simply dickering over the price with America; it doesn’t really want to attack it but is simply using the opportunity to milk the situation.

  17. Bornajoo on June 7, 2015, 6:25 pm

    I for one wanted this megalomaniac re-elected because I knew it would accelerate the awareness of this disgraceful regime right around the world

    But we knew there would be a price. And that price will be paid for by the blood of many more innocent and vulnerable Palestinians.

    As Just says above, he’s behaving like a cornered rat and that certainly is dangerous. I just hope that neither he or his fellow psychos do anything too stupid. But unfortunately, I feel it’s going to get worse before it gets better

    And better it all happens now. It looks likely that the next POTUS will be pro israel/pro zionist (either Hillary or a republican) and that will just give these nutjobs an expanded licence to kill with even more impunity. Something needs to give before this presidential term ends because even the tiny and pathetic pressure from Obama is having an effect but that is very likely to disappear in 18 months

    • a blah chick on June 7, 2015, 7:04 pm

      We all knew that The Butcher was set to ratchet up the crazy and they’re right on schedule. It’s all downhill now. Unfortunately many more thousands will die before the whole escapade crashes.

    • Walid on June 7, 2015, 11:23 pm

      “I for one wanted this megalomaniac re-elected because I knew it would accelerate the awareness of this disgraceful regime right around the world (Bornajoo)

      Isn’t this somewhat similar to what the US thought about the Muslim Brotherhood when it leaned on Tantawi to allow them to run in the upcoming elections after Egypt had banned them from doing so for 50 years? That’s another way of giving them enough rope to hang themselves and most probably the US knew all along what would happen with the Brothers in power in Egypt. That’s dirty pool.

      • Bornajoo on June 8, 2015, 4:56 am

        “Isn’t this somewhat similar to what the US thought about the Muslim Brotherhood when it leaned on Tantawi to allow them to run in the upcoming elections after Egypt having banned them from doing so for 50 years? That’s another way of giving them enough rope to hang themselves and most probably the US knew all along what would happen with the Brothers in power in Egypt. That’s dirty pool.” (Walid)

        Not sure Walid. This is different in my opinion. The example of the MB was one of deliberate US Imperial policy in order to allow them to hang themselves so that Sissi, another dictator could take over and be America and Israel’s man, who is indeed serving their purpose very well

        Netanyahu’s re-election, in my opinion, was the last thing that the US actually really wanted. What they were desperate for was for the less outwardly nutty liberal zionists to win, like Herzog and Livni, so that they could put the sacred “process” back in motion and then spend another 3 decades blaming the Palestinians for everything. In the long run, just as many people would die and probably more land would be stolen

        Netanyahu’s re-election has put a huge spanner in the works and has mobilised world opinion in a way that we have never seen in recent times. Even Obama has said that the US will find it difficult to defend Israel at the UN and it’s been a boost to BDS

        At least with the current situation we have a chance of destruction from within as well as massive lack of support from without

        This surely has to be more favourable then the fake face of the liberal zionists like Herzog and Livni putting the fake theatre show back on for another couple of decades?

  18. just on June 7, 2015, 6:29 pm

    Stephane caves to the Emperor:

    “Orange CEO to travel to Israel to ‘reaffirm firm’s commitment,’ spokesman says
    Spokesman, cited by Le Monde, says Stephane Richard has accepted Israeli government’s invitation.”

    It wasn’t an “invitation”. It was an imperial order.


    “‘Druze Day of Rage’ nixed after government recommits to 5-year-plan

    …The “Druze Day of Rage,” that was to include a general strike among the Druze and Circassian communities and was planned to commence on Sunday, was called off shorty before it was due to start, after the government reaffirmed its earlier commitment to advancing a five-year plan consisting of a 2.4-billion-shekel ($625 million) investment in the Druze and Circassian communities.

    The heads of the Forum of Druze and Circassian Authorities met on Sunday morning with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, Construction Minister Yoav Galant, and Environmental Protection Minister Avi Gabai, and agreed to stop their protest in exhange for the advancement of the plan, in its original form.”…

    Lie, then bribe. m’kay.

    • Walid on June 7, 2015, 11:35 pm

      “Druze Day of Rage” is nothing more than drama. I don’t know about the Circassians, but I can tell you that the Druze don’t like to make any waves, especially in Israel where they enjoy certain degree of limited autonomy. The whole thing, most probably up to the last minute cancellation was choreographed. I doubt the Israeli government would make a $625 million decision a few minutes before a scheduled strike.

  19. Kathleen on June 8, 2015, 7:21 am

    BB “barbaric terrorism” Just read the Goldstone Report, the UN Mavi Marmara report. Just finished Norman Finkelstein’s latest “Method and Madness” Must read. Acutely on target.

    You know how Chris Matthews has people on promoting their political books. Will there ever come a day when Mr. Hardball will have a fact based individual like Finkelstein on his program to discuss his latest book or the facts about the I/P issue? Would Matthews lose his job? He will never take that test.

    • Kay24 on June 8, 2015, 7:53 am

      It is unbelievable that the world’s greatest superpower is controlled by a mean nasty little nation in the ME. Our journalists who often speak of our rights to the freedom of speech, is tongue tied, afraid, and shit scared to address the issue, or refer to the brutality of Israel’s occupation.
      How often do we hear the word “occupation” uttered by them?

  20. eusebio on June 8, 2015, 9:11 am

    Both people deserve self-determination and sovereignty rights Peace in Palestine and Israel

    • Kathleen on June 8, 2015, 9:35 pm

      Indeed” Peace in Palestine and Israel” based on the internationally recognized border. Thing is..those days are over. Israel has made sure of that.

  21. RobertHenryEller on June 8, 2015, 11:51 am

    Israel: A “democracy” threatened by free speech.

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