Let’s help the ‘NYT’ get an interview with Netanyahu

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Alone among observers, the New York Times Jerusalem correspondent Jodi Rudoren reports that Benjamin Netanyahu “may turn Iran defeat to his favor.” She says Netanyahu “may actually benefit” from what critics are calling his “colossal failure” over the deal.

No one else believes this, so why did Rudoren write it? The answer is in the 6th paragraph:

Mr. Netanyahu’s office did not respond to interview requests from The New York Times, though he continued his blunt campaign against the agreement on NBC, ABC, CBS and NPR, and plans to make the rounds on Washington’s Sunday talk shows.

The line is painfully similar to Rudoren’s plaintive report after the election, in March:
“Mr. Netanyahu’s office did not respond to interview requests from The New York Times in the days leading up to Tuesday’s election or on Wednesday or Thursday. In addition to appearing on MSNBC and NPR, he was on Fox News on Thursday…”

The complaint shows the true purpose of this latest valentine is to get an interview with Netanyahu. What possible different answers is he going to give her than he gives to other outlets? Is she going to stun him with a question that no one else has thought of?

No matter. Clearly Rudoren’s string of fawning articles has not worked so far. It’s time for new tactics. Here are some suggestions as to how she can press her campaign to get the Prime Minister to talk to her:

*  Write a gushing profile of Netanyahu’s late father explaining how his scholarship on anti-Semitism explains the Israeli psyche.

*  Write a gushing profile of Sara Netanyahu, in which the two women agree that they recycle plastic and glass bottles to stop global warming.

*  Offer to immigrate to Israel and stay on after her Times assignment is over.

*  Send the prime minister a quart of pistachio ice cream every day till he picks up the phone.

*  Continue to cover up last year’s Gaza massacre.

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She should offer on behalf of the NYT to pay for his next flight to the USAand make sure he has a special bed installed just like he did on a trip from the USA to the UK at a cost of some 127,000 dollars to the Israeli taxpayers .Also… Read more »

David Doppler
David Doppler

Maybe the Times should replace Rudoren, and the Israeli voters, Netanyahu.


Hold the pistashio ice cream, those nuts come mainly from Iran, Syria and Lebanon.


Well, since flattery and complaining hasn’t worked, the obvious answer is to pick a topic near to Netanyahu’s heart and discuss it openly and TRUTHFULLY. That will win her an interview.


“Don,t you think Israel produces enough nuts already?” (Amigo) Too good :-) She should tell him that the NYT is writing an article about the greatest leaders in history including Alexander the Great, Julies Caesar, George Washington, Winston Churchill, and they are considering adding him to the list if he… Read more »