The enemies list

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Jimmy Carter

Rashid Khalidi

James A. Baker

Debbie Almontaser

Chas Freeman

Joseph Massad

George C. Marshall

Steven Salaita

Max Blumenthal

Chris Hedges

Zbig Brzezinski

Vanessa Redgrave

Charles W. Percy

Cynthia McKinney

Rick Sanchez

Richard Goldstone

Jim Clancy

Chuck Hagel

Earl Hilliard

Paul Findley

Norman Finkelstein

Edward Said

Stephen Walt

Rula Jebreal

John Mearsheimer

Bruce Shipman

Dorothy Thompson

Helen Thomas

Barack Obama

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Don’t forget European football stadiums and Alice Walker, via the Simon Wiesenthal top 10 anti-Semites list.

Good list. A couple more from my notes — William Fulbright “Pete” McCloskey Adlai Stevenson Ron Paul (And when reading lists like this I think it’s important to think not just of the private lives that were damaged or destroyed, but of the damage to the whole political system when… Read more »

So James Baker made the list but not George H.W. Bush?
That seems unfair! ! ! *
You’ll probably be hearing from his attorney.

* SEE: “Did the First President Bush Lose His Job to the Israel Lobby?” ~ The New York Observer, July 17, 2006

Maya Angelou (RIP)