Park Slope Food Coop holds vote aimed at staunching boycott of Sodastream

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The Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn has been a focus of boycott activism targeting Israeli goods since 2011. Those efforts have so far failed to convince that progressive community, now 43 years old, to boycott Israeli products, but tonight there’s another vote on the question aimed at defusing boycott activism.

A Coop board member has put forward a motion to require a 75 percent vote in favor of boycott measures. This motion does not mention Israel, but it is clearly aimed at preempting a proposal first put forward last spring that the Coop boycott Sodastream products because they are made in part in facilities in the occupied West Bank. Traditionally, the Coop has voted on political questions such as boycott with an up-and-down vote.

The Coop has never voted on that Sodastream proposal of eight months’ standing. I’m told that the leadership has begged off, saying that it can’t find a space to house such a discussion. But they did find a space big enough to house tonight’s meeting.

Only Coop members are allowed in to tonight’s meeting. The sponsor of the rule, Jesse Rosenfeld, the secretary of the Coop, says that the 75 percent threshhold would end “division and hostility.” As if such a bureaucratic dodge is going to allow a forward-thinking community to avoid the Israeli occupation.

Here’s the latest issue of the Linewaiters’ Gazette, which includes a lot of debate over Israel boycott initiatives.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with the staunch supporters of human rights and the enemies of collective punishment. The Park Slope BDS just like the rocket threat, will be defeated.

And this was the winning speech. The proposal to change the Rules of the General Meeting, as so noted by the Chair Committee in an open vote, was approved at 294-YES, and 192-NO. ******************************* My name is Jesse Rosenfeld. Secretary of the Coop and Member of the Board of Directors.… Read more »

are they a bunch of Birkenstock wearing Klinton supporters? Good grief, out here in Lexington we’d be speaking English if they had been in charge. New York City progressives, who cares actually, they don’t live in the real world anyways. They should eat pesticide. their food coop isn’t doing them… Read more »

The “divisive and hostile” objection to Palestinian solidarity efforts like BDS have become the hoariest trope of desperate Zionist apologetics. A friend of mine belongs to a Reconstructionist congregation whose members observe a polite silence amongst themselves re Palestine /Israel lest the sweet bonds of brotherhood they enjoy be riven… Read more »

There were tons of egregious ways that the chair of the General Meeting conducted the supermajority vote. Even she voiced her opinion that the changes that Rosenfeld proposed were changes to the bylaws, which if they are require a 2/3 vote to be passed and must be publicized to the… Read more »