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Tell Us What You Think: The 2016 Mondoweiss Reader Survey

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2016 marks the ten year anniversary of Mondoweiss. The site has changed by leaps and bounds since it started, but there is one thing that has always helped us grow over the years — the support and feedback of our readers.

For the first time we are running a survey to get feedback on what you would like to see on Mondoweiss, what you like about what we do and what we can do better. Also, this survey will give us a better snapshot of who our readers are. This is important both so we can deliver the news and features that you most want, and also so we can tell businesses and movement partners more about the informed and engaged readers they can reach through advertising on the site.

Ready to give us a piece of your mind? You can find the survey here.

Here’s what you can expect from this survey: It has six sections, each of which has between five and 14 questions. You don’t have to answer all questions in any section, the ones that are “required” have an asterisk next to the question. The survey should take between 15-30 minutes depending how much you choose to write for the open-ended questions. Of course, those who choose to give fuller feedback will be much appreciated!

Also, as a way to say thanks, if you provide a way to contact you on the last page of the survey we will enter you into a special drawing. Every Friday the survey is open we’ll draw three names who’ll receive a free copy of Mondoweiss’s new publication, “The World The Settlers Made.”

The survey will be running until Friday, May 6 and we’re hoping to get at least 1,000 responses, so please help Mondoweiss by filling it out today!

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    Best of luck.

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