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Update on Reader Survey: A Treasure Trove of Ideas!

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A couple days ago, Adam and Phil posted a request to Mondoweiss readers to give us feedback on the site and give us a snapshot of who our readers are.

Well, it’s been less than 60 hours since the first respondent completed the survey, and as of now over 400 people have shared feedback with us. Wow!

Not only have readers taken the time to click on boxes, but an astounding number have provided thoughtful input about the site and its future. Our original goal was to collect at least 1,000 responses but given the level of interest and quality of feedback we now are hoping to get to four or five thousand by the time we close the survey in three weeks.

Based on volunteers who tested the survey before it went live, we thought it would take between 15-30 minutes depending how much each person chooses to write. It’s turned out that about 20 percent of those who’ve completed it so far have done it in less than 15 minutes, but about 40 percent have spent more than 30 minutes giving us their views.

Of course, those who give fuller feedback are much appreciated! We can learn from critical as well as positive feedback.

Ready to give us a piece of your mind? You can find the survey here.

Also, as a way to say thanks, if you provide contact information on the survey’s last page we will enter you into a special drawing. Every Friday the survey is open we’ll draw three names who’ll receive a free copy of Mondoweiss’s new publication, “The World The Settlers Made.” Today, we drew the first three names and have notified them that they can claim the book. It could be you next week!

The survey will be running until Friday, May 6 and our new goal is 4,000 responses, so please help Mondoweiss by filling it out today!

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