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Michael Oren, historian, gets US history wrong to score a propaganda point

Michael Oren, a member of Knesset who grew up in America and served as an ambassador to the U.S., is a leading spokesperson for Israel. He regularly comes on CNN to explain the country and a year ago rushed publication of a memoir in order to drum up American Jewish opposition to the Iran deal.

Oren is also a historian, but his agenda often gets in the way of the facts. Yesterday, after a Palestinian member of Knesset, Hanin Zoabi, gave a speech assailing Israeli commandos for the murderous attack on the Mavi Marmara in 2010, Oren seized on her performance to show that Israel is a more tolerant country than the United States.

So did Lisa Goldman of 972:

Oren got several other responses on U.S. history and the basic tenets of democracy:

And James North chimes in:

As Jamil Dakwar of the ACLU pointed out, most of those expelled were expelled for joining the Confederacy. According to this Wikipedia article, three representatives were expelled in 1861 for disloyalty, taking up arms against the union; and two for bribery in 1980 and 2002.

Oren’s disregard for historical fact is consistent. A year ago we showed that his dramatic account of a synagogue attack in West Orange, N.J. in 1971 left out the most important fact, the invitation of rightwing racist Meir Kahane to speak at the synagogue. Also consistent: Oren’s disdain for Americans.

Thanks to Adam Horowitz.

James North and Philip Weiss

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13 Responses

  1. farhad on June 30, 2016, 2:08 pm
  2. MRW on June 30, 2016, 2:42 pm

    Michael Oren, historian, gets US history wrong to score a propaganda point

    Ah, the kindness of words.

    Let’s call it what it is. He lied. The intention was manipulation.

    • Marnie on July 1, 2016, 5:53 am

      And incitement.

      The local yokels are already jumping all over this statement and exaggerating his bullshiite even further by claiming the israeli govt does more than just pay her salary.

      Maybe he hurt himself or bumped his little head because he looked a little dazed and confused on the knesset video.

  3. dgfincham on July 1, 2016, 8:32 am

    Does the Knesset not have a Speaker (Chairman)?Are MKs not required to address the Chair, are they really allowed to shout at one another? Is this is what is meant by ‘lively democracy’. It’s a disgrace. Watch BBC Parliament to see how the Mother of Parliaments does it.

  4. Hussein Hammami on July 1, 2016, 8:40 am

    Oren is a propagandist not a historian. Whatever narrative he promotes any given moment takes precedence over truth.

  5. MHughes976 on July 1, 2016, 10:59 am

    Are we sure that Oren’s wrong about the pressure for conformity in these days?

  6. a blah chick on July 1, 2016, 11:54 am

    The REALLY pissy thing is that the MKs decided to go after her rather than Netanyahu who sanctioned the deal with Turkey. Yeah, let’s gang up on the woman who was proven right rather than Dear Leader, that’s what most cowards would do.

  7. btbLondon on July 1, 2016, 12:32 pm

    Lies, damned lies and Zionists

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