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Life as Israel’s hostage (or when will Palestinian dispossession be reckoned in the Diaspora?)

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The American Jewish Committee placed a two-page ad in the June 6 Wall Street Journal, signed by European and American mayors, condemning action against Jews as a method of fighting the Jewish nationalist government in Palestine. The mayors signed a pledge which includes promises to:

Condemn anti-Jewish hatred, in all its forms;
Reject the notion that anti-Semitic acts, while sometimes carried out in the name of a political cause, may ever be justified or excused by one’s opinions about the actions or existence of the State of Israel…

The irony of warning against such conflation in muddy verbiage by the AJC is that at the time of the partition of Palestine, members of the AJC knew that to create a “Jewish” army and government would put Jews of the world –“diaspora” Jews– in a false position of association with a new, militarily assertive nationality.

Explicitly, future Israeli foreign minister Moshe Shertok (to become the Hebraicized Moshe Sharett) in March 1948 said to UN Security Council members that the existence of so many “Jewish hostages throughout the world” would be a guarantee of the good behavior of the “Jewish” state in Palestine towards Arabs after implementation of partition. (At the time, the AJC was a non-Zionist organization and was particularly apprehensive how Zionist plans would damage the standing of Jews, citizens of Arab countries particularly.)

There’s something of bailing the sea with a thimble in this AJC effort.

Every day the world sees abuse of non-Jews by the “Jewish state.” The AJC resolutely turns away from the realities of power in Israel-controlled land, and returns to its old school education efforts against “anti-Semitism.”

Israel’s actions are premised on the idea that Israel acts in the interests of The Jewish People. If the premier Jewish American organization does not explicitly disavow that claim, as
they were once careful to, at least they should accept in good humor that we are hostages to Israel’s “good behavior,” or lack of it, to Arabs.

There is no shortage of documentation of what Zionist planning intended. That the organized Jewish community does not recognize this does not conceal the truth from Zionism’s Palestinian targets though it does have Jews imagining that implacable Jew hatred is the reason for resistance to the Zionist dream.

Worldwide, Israel advocacy groups conflate Zionist advocacy with the defense of human rights of Jews.

In an article in the Seattle Times urging the public to “Recognize and speak out against antiSemitism,” officers of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle wrote, “Both anti-Semitism
and anti-Zionism are fueled by irrational hatred of the Jewish people.” A storm ensued over that assertion.

The American Jewish community is used to extravagant tributes to Israel, with remarkable acceptance of Israeli ethnonationalism.

In December 2013, while visiting Israel, Secretary of State John Kerry affirmed that “the bond between the United States and Israel is unbreakable.”

Two days later, on Dec. 7 at a Saban Center gathering in Washington, Kerry joined with President Obama in paying tribute to the idea of a nation for Jews. Obama endorsed the goal of protecting “Israel as a Jewish state.”

For his part, Kerry addressed Israeli ethnic anxiety by urging that Israel heed U.S. advice for withdrawal from some territory, to defuse what he called the “demographic time bomb”—non-Jewish births—threatening the existence of a “Jewish and democratic” state.

American Zionist moneybags Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson pledge their fortunes to ensure no American candidates cross Israel.

That the organized Jewish community persists in the bad faith pretense of innocence attenuates us from our genuine selves and from whatever moral mission allowed the persistence of our identity to this day.

A phenomenon of Jewish belief is that we’re ever falsely blamed for supposed “Jewish” crimes. “In every generation they rise up against us to destroy us,” says the Hagaddah used in Pesach.

The Talmud states that all Jews are responsible for each other. That adage, Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh, is multifunctional: Responsible to aid and guide each other, and also it seems, in the way of the world, responsible for each other’s conduct/crimes.

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12 Responses

  1. JWalters
    July 9, 2016, 4:49 pm

    “When will Palestinian dispossession be reckoned in the Diaspora?”

    When the criminals who are currently controlling and plundering America are in prison.

  2. annie
    July 10, 2016, 10:17 am

    AJC recently launched Governors United Against BDS too.

  3. Blownaway
    July 10, 2016, 10:37 am

    All these politicians are reaping the years of neglect in their own country and districts. Instead of advocating for and working to improve their country they seen their hours and our money on unanimous support for Usrael. Billions for Israel but deadlock for America. The global economies are in neutral and the peopke are up in arms but as long as Israel is fine and the money is flowing ( to them) then they will continue to fiddle while Rome burns

  4. amigo
    July 10, 2016, 11:00 am

    If you zoom in on the list , you will find many of these country,s show only one Mayor listed.The UK has only 4 and France only 8.This is a very low percentage of the relevant total in each case.Ireland has one name , that of “Criona Ni Dhalaig who happens to be the mayor of Dublin and also a member of the Sinn Fein Party. which supports BDS. She probably agreed to avoid being accused of supporting antisemitism , as is the case with many of the others named here. The GOI does not support BDS but does support the right of BDS to free speech and do not view condemnation of Israeli policies as antisemitic.

    This is an exercise in futility produced by people who are getting more and more desperate.

    • Shmuel
      July 10, 2016, 11:41 am

      Among the mayors listed for Italy is Verona Mayor Flavio Tosi — one of the most openly racist and homophobic politicians in the country; a man who has actually been convicted of hate crime.

      Might say something about what this ad is worth.

      • amigo
        July 10, 2016, 12:19 pm

        Yup , Zionist “rent a crowd”.

  5. Ossinev
    July 10, 2016, 1:12 pm

    “an exercise in futility produced by people who are getting more and more desperate”

    You hit on the desperation angle and you are correct. Noticed this in the letters section of yesterdays Times here in the UK from a so called Project Director ,an Alan Fell , for “We were there too” Not so succinctly posted to coincide with the centenary of the battle of the Somme and even more blatantly to “piggy back ” on to the rise in racists attacks and abuse post the Brexit vote.

    I quote: ” In the aftermath of the Brexit vote and a noticeable rise in antisemtic and other racist incidents “.

    Note that the ludicrous claim is that post Brexit there has been a rise in anti semitic incidents which to Mr Fell and his fellow (no pun intended) JSIL First Zionists is THE important issue. The”other racists incidents are irrelevant or unimportant. It`s the poor old Jews who continue to suffer.

    The simple fact is that yes there has been a significant rise in despicable racist incidents following Brexit but the targets have not been Jews in any shape form or way but Eastern Europeans such as Poles as well as the usual perennial targets Africans,Afro – Caribbeans and Asians. The attacks largely and predictably have come from the usual suspects = the far right extreme nationalists groups here in the UK. You know the type . Their equivalents in JSIL when not tied up in Government cabinet post duties go to demonstrations and shout “death to Arabs ” etc

    I am not clear whether these posts reflect a desperate hasbara ploy to keep the old anti semitic pot boiling wherever and however or whether it is a cry of despair and frustration along the lines of “Wait a minute this can`t be right.We are the only ones who have really been victimised ,attacked and abused currently and since the time of Abraham because we were Chosen. These b…..d Eastern Europeans and Asians have no right to steal our act. We have got to make sure that readers know this sob sob ”

    I suspect that it is the latter. The platform used is the Somme centenary and the statement that “more than 40,000 British Jews served their country”. The author being a loopy Zionist has of course no comprehension of just how absurd his statement is and how insulting it is to the memory of those millions other British , of whatever religion or none, who fought and died .The implication is that Jews of whatever nationality have done something “above and beyond” such as national war service which they had somehow no obligation to do because they were Jews.

    Truly pathetic and shameful.

    • amigo
      July 11, 2016, 10:35 am

      0ssinev , I have to wonder if any of these folks have hobbies or engage in normal activities.They are the very essence of ubiquitous .

      I watched the “Zionist manufactured inquisition ” of Jeremy Corbyn before the Home Affairs “select ” Committee headed by (I believe )Keith Vaz who was relentless in his efforts to put words in Corbyn,s mouth. We both know who put the words in Vaz,s mouth.Dont have a link.

      An interesting exercise is to google Antisemitism and Islamophobia separately and the former comes up @9,090,000 results–the latter at 4,750,000. This imbalance , given the difference in populations , imho is due to the army of zionists busy as bees manufacturing fictitious accounts of A/S and feeding them to whoever will listen.Truly disgusting but further supports my contention that the zionist project has been reduced to cabal of liars and devious individuals who are desperate.

      The upside is it will all be in vain and when they lose it all no one but no one will listen to their whining.

  6. wondering jew
    wondering jew
    July 10, 2016, 4:39 pm

    Abba Solomon:
    Could you please provide a link to this quote of Moshe Shertok (Sharett): “in March 1948 said to UN Security Council members that the existence of so many “Jewish hostages throughout the world” would be a guarantee of the good behavior of the “Jewish” state in Palestine towards Arabs after implementation of partition. – See more at:

  7. abbasolomon
    July 10, 2016, 11:58 pm

    yonah fredman –

    “The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary,”
    March 13, 1948, FRUS (Foreign Relations of the United States) 1948, Volume V, Part II, page 716. “[Shertok said] It was obviously a basic principle in the self interest of the Jews to treat the Arabs fairly. There were too many Jewish hostages throughout the world. They would be living in a glass house in Palestine under the severe light of world public opinion.”

    • echinococcus
      July 11, 2016, 12:35 am

      Dear Abbas,

      Considering this insight by Sharett, why did the Zionists go ahead and do the exact contrary, i.e. behave Zionistically?
      I suppose that “Jewish lives”, as they call it, aren’t really worth more than any others to them –easily sacrificed for grandiloquent, absurd political aims.

      As with the “collateral damage” in the ME countries but more importantly the millions and millions of “Jews” that were illegally imported into Palestine as cannon fodder. A civilian population knowingly and criminally installed in a war zone of the Zionists’ own making, and now also in forbidden settlement areas as non-protected persons even as acknowledged by all countries complicit with the Zionists!

      At least Sharett knew a thing or two, but how was he to treat “Arabs”, i.e. Palestinian owners of the sovereignty over the territory, other than by turning over forever the sovereignty and giving up his dreams of eating up Palestine for the greater glory of his (atheist) Judaism?

    • wondering jew
      wondering jew
      July 11, 2016, 5:02 am

      thank you

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