Occupied Palestinian village coveted by Jewish settlers is dubbed ‘miserable’ in Washington Post

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Yesterday the Washington Post published a report from Susiya, a hamlet in the occupied Hebron Hills that Israel is trying to demolish, that called Susiya a “miserable village” in the headline (and the accompanying tweet) and allowed Israeli settler advocates to suggest that Israel is trying to remove the Palestinians from “squalid tents” for their own good. “Pitiful” also made an appearance.

The Post has since changed the headline to “ramshackle” village, but “miserable” lives on in the url.

As for the word “occupied,” it appears once, deep in the story, all but erasing the most crucial fact here: this is not Israeli land under international law.

 “A conspiracy to commit land fraud is what it amounted to,” writes my tipster.


A retired California educator:

zionist propaganda calling village of humans “miserable” to condone the zionist inhumane behaviour of home demolishing


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This story gets a major article on the Guardian’s website today:


I hope it makes it into tomorrow’s print edition. Read the article, but look at the BTL comments at your own risk of apoplexy.

I surprised they didn’t call the Arabs “stinking vermin untermensch”. After all, that’s clearly the intent.

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On the other hand, Isabel Kershner has a surprisingly candid article in NYT, under the title “Israel Quietly Legalizes Pirate Outposts in the West Bank.” Of course, I don’t believe that Israel can “legalize” them, and I don’t believe that any of the settlements are “legal.” But within the context… Read more »