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December 2016

Rallies in 25 cities say ‘No to Islamophobia; No to Racism: Yes to Justice’

Donna Nevel on

On Wednesday evening, Dec. 21st, in 25 cities across the United States, Jews, Muslims, and other communities joined together to say with clarity and strength: No to Islamophobia; No to Racism: Yes to Justice; Yes to Dignity for All Communities. Organized to coincide with the holiday of Chanukah, which begins Saturday evening, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and its Network Against Islamophobia (NAI), together with JVP chapters and partners, initiated the actions to reignite their commitment to challenging all forms of Islamophobia and racism.

Israel’s political left also condemns the UN’s anti-settlement resolution

Jonathan Ofir on

Israeli opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog said the UN resolution passed last week “seriously harms our capital Jerusalem, the settlement blocs and Israel’s status and diplomatic achievements accumulated over the years,” thereby expressing the strong Labor Zionist support for the illegal colonization project.

Reporting as resistance: How Mondoweiss spreads the work of brave journalists

Diana Buttu on

Diana Buttu writes, “If we are ever to awaken the world to what Israel stands for, we will do it with the power of our stories. I respect enormously the ability Mondoweiss has developed to gather these stories and share them more broadly all the time. By reaching millions of people each year, Mondoweiss is taking on the responsibility the mainstream media shirks: educating the public about Palestine. Join me today in growing Mondoweiss’s influence.”

Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process

Roqayah Chamseddine on

Jason Greenblatt, the 49-year-old real estate attorney representing Donald Trump’s business conglomerate, has been named special representative for international negotiations which will include the Israel-Palestinian peace process. Greenblatt once studied at a religious school in the West Bank settlement of Alon Shuvot and may be the first leading adviser on Israel to a US President that’s done guard duty at a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank “armed with an M-16 assault weapon.” In perhaps a sign of things to come Greenblatt told Israel’s Channel 1, “[Trump] has gone on record to say that the settlements in the West Bank can stay…I personally believe that they should stay. I don’t believe that they’re an obstacle to peace.”

Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying ‘commitment’ to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution

Philip Weiss on

More cries of betrayal from the pampered nation. Benjamin Netanyahu says President Obama “initiated” the resolution against settlements at the United Nations, betraying his “explicit commitment” to Israel not to support such action. Education Minister Naftali Bennett says it was all planned in the Cairo speech 7 years ago. Israel’s situation is naked in the wake of the Security Council resolution to condemn the settlements.

It is time to recognize the US-Palestinian conflict

Dorgham Abusalim on

That an American abstention from the world’s top council was required to ensure the success of a resolution favoring Palestinian human rights tells us it is time to recognize the American-Palestinian conflict. Did you know there are more Americans in Palestine engaging in illegal activity than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy

Michael Marder on

Obama’s endgame is the same when it comes to fossil fuels and Israel/Palestine: as part of his legacy project, he is signing decrees to protect the oceans from oil drilling and finally standing up to Israel’s aggressive and unchecked settlement expansion. Should we judge the last eight years by these eleventh-hour attempts, the looming inauguration would appear to be a radical break with a “progressive” agenda on environmental and diplomatic fronts. But the true break is between what has been going on throughout Obama’s consecutive terms and the very final stretch of his tenure in the White House.

Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)

Phyllis Bennis on

The Justice Department should investigate civilian Donald Trump’s intervention in US foreign policy– calling Egypt to avert an anti-settlements resolution in the UN Security Council — as a violation of the Logan Act.

UNICEF in Lebanon ends its contracts with G4S

Palestinian BDS National Committee on

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Lebanon has ended its contract with the world’s largest security company, G4S, following a boycott campaign by activists in the country and across the world over the company’s role in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights.

‘Guardian’ newspaper fails to support colleague facing deportation threat from Israeli government

Jonathan Cook on

Israel is reported to be ready to expel an award-winning Australian journalist and writer, Antony Loewenstein, after he asked a too-probing question of an Israeli politician at a media event last week. It is unsurprising to learn that Israel has no serious regard for press freedom. But more depressing has been the lack of solidarity shown by journalistic colleagues, most especially the Guardian newspaper, for which he has regularly worked as a freelancer since 2013. Not only has the paper failed to offer him any support, but its management and staff reporters have hurried to distance themselves from him.

Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution

Phil Weiss and Annie Robbins on

When it learned President Obama intended to allow a UN Security Council resolution condemning settlements to go through yesterday, Israel called on Donald Trump to intervene, and he called Egyptian president al-Sisi, and Egypt withdrew the resolution. And you thought we had one president at a time!

In Photos: Gaza protest commemorates second intifada

Mohammed Asad and Allison Deger on

Every year, Palestinians in Gaza march to protest the Israeli shooting of Mohammed al-Dura which marked the beginning of the second intifada in the Gaza Strip on September 29, 2000. At the end of September photographer Mohammed Asad documented young protesters as they entered the buffer zone with Israel near al-Bureij refugee camp to challenge the Israeli military. “We came here to prove to the Israeli occupying forces that the memory of the uprising is unforgettable,” said demonstrator Abu Falasteen.

Resistance to mainstream media: How Mondoweiss pushes back against distortion

James Zogby on

James Zogby writes: “Since the 1970s, I’ve been involved with advocacy for Palestinian human rights and have sought to inform the discourse in the United States about Palestinians and other Arab concerns. So I know what it takes for Mondoweiss to persist in publishing ground-breaking analysis and corrective journalism in the face of hatred, scorn and discrediting. I appreciate Mondoweiss as a vital source of truth, and I have contributed to sustain and grow the site’s valuable work. I’m writing now to urge all of you to join me in keeping Mondoweiss on the job.”

‘Friedman is a warm Jew’ — Israelis approve of Trump’s ambassador nominee

Mersiha Gadzo on

David Friedman, Donald Trump’s nominee as the next U.S. ambassador to Israel, may be controversial in the United States, but Israelis see him as a “warm Jew” who will restore amity between the countries’ governments. Both Friedman and Trump have been big supporters of Beit El, a settlement just north of Ramallah, and Shay Alon, the mayor of Beit El, says Trump made “an excellent choice”: “Friedman is a warm Jew who identifies with the roots of the state of Israel and Judaism. He is in the know of all things that have to do with our hold on the settlements, on Israel, and Judea and Samaria in particular.”

Israel lobby group threatens lawsuit if MLA endorses academic boycott

David Lloyd on

The Brandeis Center has sent a letter to the Modern Language Association threatening a lawsuit if the Association passes the resolution to endorse the Palestinian call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The threatened lawsuit would be frivolous and unlikely to pass muster, but the threat itself is hardly a surprise. On the contrary, it is an index of the growing success of the boycott movement in changing public understanding of Israel’s ongoing violations of international law and human rights.

‘P is for Palestine’: Illustrated children’s book showcases beauty and strength of Palestinian culture

Dr. Golbarg Bashi on
Cover of "P is for Palestine"

Inspired by Palestinian people’s own rich history in the literary and visual arts, a children’s author and a socially conscious illustrator have teamed up to create “P is for Palestine” a picture book that tells the story of Palestine as simply as ABC…in an educational, colorful, empowering way that showcases the beauty and strength of Palestinian culture.


Rawan Yaghi on

I looked into her eyes / Smiled / And I said / We are free. “Faith,” a poem by Rawan Yaghi.