‘We go to heaven, you go to hell’: Israeli settlers caught on video threatening to kill Palestinians in Hebron

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A group of Israeli settlers rode a red ATV into a densely populated Palestinian area in the West Bank city of Hebron yesterday to taunt and threaten locals. The incident was recorded by Hebron 90.4 FM’s correspondent Musab Shaawer and shared online by Palestinian media.

“Where are all the Arabs? They left you and joined us,” an Israeli settler yells in the video to Palestinians nearby while a group of young women accompanying him look on and laugh. “We go to heaven, you go to hell,” he adds.

And in a final ominous warning the settler says: “If war breaks out the Jews will come here and evict and kill you all.”

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: “If war breaks out the Jews will come here and evict and kill you all.”

All 2 billion of us. Okay, it’s closer to 1.6 to 1.8 billion,(I rounded up so as not to offend “Dabakr” )but that’s still more than enough.

Quite the bully boy, with his adoring fans!

Nope. With this state of mind, you won’t experience anything close to heaven.

If this wasn’t Hebron I would be tempted to say just another typical racist coward. Every state has them. In this case once they reached the bottom of the barrel they threw what was left into Hebron.

A very tight knit community. The woman and children are identical. I don’t blame the kids although for their own sake Israel’s child protective services equivalent should remove them from the parents.

why isn’t he charged with incitement?