Israeli musicians to Nick Cave: Send a strong message — refuse to play in Israel

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Dear Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,

We are musicians and political activists from Israel and we write you this message in order to encourage you to withdraw from your decision to perform in Israel at these times.

In 2017 the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories reached its 50th anniversary. During these 50 years, Israel has been controlling the territories between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea, offering democracy to its Jewish citizens at the expense of the invisible Palestinian population, that make almost 50% of the entire population in the region under Israeli control.

“Occupation” is a legal term, denoting a static condition. It is misleading as such. A more accurate terminology for the situation in Israel/Palestine should use terms such as “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid” to express the evolving dynamics of a racist regime that is designed to displace Palestinians.

We have all been active in different ways in the struggle to change this reality, forming Jewish-Arabic alliances within and outside Israel. We have come to realize that change will only result from pressure and we believe that the BDS is a powerful non-violent way to exert such pressure. The power to use it is in your hands, though. As Israeli citizens, we can only support your stance and encourage you to make the right decision.

Israel prides itself for being tolerant and culturally open, but in fact uses culture to limit divergent narratives and voices, and to whitewash its crimes. When performing in Israel one should always remember that they play in a country that discriminates huge populations of invisible people that have no citizenship and no freedom of movement, and are subject to a separate (military) court system. When performing in Israel one should always remember that they play only in front of the privileged. By choosing not to perform you can send them a strong message.


Aviad Albert
Meira Asher
Yoav Beirach
Ohal Grietzer
David Oppenheim
Danielle Ravitzki
Michal Sapir
Yonatan Shapira

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Great letter! Very glad to hear from Israeli musicians!

Wow. That’s disappointing. I was a big fan of his.

Here’s another overdue and welcome development: “Christian leaders urge Congress to reject Israel Anti-Boycott Act Dozens of American faith-based organizations have endorsed a call to defend the First Amendment rights of Americans who want to hold Israel accountable for its violations of Palestinian rights. Three Christian denominations – the Alliance of Baptists, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Church of Christ – are lead signatories of the call, which was published as an advertisement… Read more »

It is heartening to know that within Israel there are sensible voices, who dare to disagree with what their leaders have done, and keep doing. If only there were more voices to deafen their leadership.

Very interesting: Haaretz – Nov. 8, 2017 “Young U.S. Jews want to know why no one told them about the Israeli occupation” By Debra Nussbaum Cohen “IfNotNow launches ‘You Never Told Me’ campaign, calling on Jewish educational groups to inform students about Israel’s policies and to include the Palestinian narrative.” EXCERPT: “NEW YORK – About 20 protesters from the U.S. anti-occupation group IfNotNow held a rally outside the Jewish Theological Seminary on Tuesday night,… Read more »