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The Most Important Voice for Truth: Yours

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Over the past few weeks here at Mondoweiss we’ve been throwing lots of numbers, names and faces at you. A challenge to raise $100,000…the remaining dollars to get there (currently about $12,000)…the hundreds of articles and photos we’ve published…it might all have blurred together for you.

Donate buttonSo let’s make it simple: the only name and face that matters right now is you. You are the person for whom Mondoweiss gathers and delivers news. You are the one who shares the information you receive from Mondoweiss. You use it to persuade others to challenge U.S. policy supporting Israel’s criminal treatment of Palestinians. You make a difference, every day of the year.

And you may already have donated this month to help Mondoweiss keep delivering the information you use. Whether you’ve given already, or will do it today in the last hours of our drive, you are one of the Thousand Voices for Truth. And if you are unable to donate, but you share Mondoweiss with your friends, you are one of the Thousand Voices. We are grateful for every dollar you invest and every action you take to bring the world the truth from Palestine.

Wherever you fit in the Thousand Voices for Truth, we hope you will continue to participate in the Mondoweiss community and the movement for justice and freedom in Palestine. And all of us at Mondoweiss wish you a peaceful, just 2018. Thank you for all you do.

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  1. Maghlawatan on January 1, 2018, 10:12 am

    Roger Cohen is all over the place in the NYT.

    He says

    1. Assimilation never works
    2. Put a gun head..and I will say as a Jew that ISRAEL WAS WORTH IT.
    3 “There is systematic abuse of Palestinian human rights. Our government is more and more right wing, anti Arab, racist. This is the government leading Israel nowhere.

    He thinks the government is the problem.

    Alexievich :

    “She also very quickly explained that the fault lay not with one man but with the experiences of Soviet generations, now reworked for new wars. When she listed the fake descriptions of events in Ukraine in the Russian media, she spoke of Russian society as a “collective Putin.” As she put it, “Putin placed his bet on the basest instincts and won. Even if he disappeared tomorrow, we would remain as we are.”

    Israel is trapped. Collective Netanyahu. Ya’ni

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