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April 2018

Young Jews won’t cry over the end of the Zionist dream, Beinart says

Philip Weiss on

Peter Beinart is a leader in the Jewish discourse of Israel. He says that when young American progressives call for a one-state solution, this will become a “very, very powerful” force in U.S. politics, and that these young people will not mourn “the end of the Zionist dream.” And offering the Palestinians a state without Jerusalem is like “creating a country in Westchester that can’t get into Manhattan.” 

The end of exclusivity

Nada Elia on

Many Palestinians and their allies had long maintained that the Palestine predicament was absolutely unique, but Nada Elia says an increasingly larger number of Palestinians now appreciate the similarities between their oppression and the oppression of others. Elia writes, “As we commemorate seventy years of Palestinian Nakba, seventy years of ongoing catastrophe, we can finally envision freedom through the end of Palestinian exclusivity: we exist, as a distinct people, despite the Zionist claim to the contrary, and we are not terrorists one and all, but freedom fighters and civilians standing up for our human rights, as freedom fighters and disenfranchised civilians have stood up and will continue to stand up for their human rights all around the globe.”

Gaza and the limits of American sympathy

Barbara Harvey on

The implication of the New York Times coverage of the “Great Return March” in Gaza is that the weekly protest demonstrations by tens of thousands of desperate people must be entirely peaceful to be deserving of our support. This is a demand for a superhuman response to the conditions of daily life in Gaza.

IDF claims most Gazan casualties were ‘accidental’

Yossi Gurvitz on

Israeli snipers have killed 44 Gazans during protests and wounded nearly 2000. A senior officer told Haaretz that most Gazans killed by the IDF since March 30th were killed accidentally. The claim directly contradicts IDF’s official statement of 31st March, in which the army claimed that “nothing was carried out uncontrolled, everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed.”

Flaming kites mark fifth Friday of Gaza protests

Ahmad Kabariti on

Israel killed four more Palestinian demonstrators on the fifth Friday of Gaza protests, April 27. The fourth victim, Azzam Hillal, 15, died of his wounds on Saturday after being shot in the head. The demonstrations were marked by enormous kites with flaming coals on their tails, destined for fields in Israel.

Israeli snipers shoot another 178 Palestinian protesters, killing three

Kate on

The Palestinian Health Ministry has confirmed that Israeli soldiers killed, Friday, April 27, three young Palestinian men, and injured more than 995, including at least 178 who were shot with live fire, in the fifth week of protests for the Great Return March at the Gaza fence.

Israel needs Palestinian violence to shift world opinion — and ‘The New York Times’ helps out!

James North on
New York Times headquarters

Once again, the New York Times has turned over its coverage of the ongoing Gaza protests to Hasbara Central, Israel’s propaganda apparatus. Its article, on the fifth Friday of the Great March of Return, should be regarded not as a “report,” but as a prior justification for the full-scale massacre Israel is surely planning as the Gaza marches lead toward the May 15 culmination on Land Day.

The Gaza border is a theater of cultural resistance

Fadi O. Al-Naji on

While Israeli and some Western media label Gaza Palestinians’ ongoing, six-week protest a “riot,” what visitors and participants see on the ground is completely different. The protests have become a theater for family-oriented cultural celebrations honoring the right of refugees to return to their lands. You encounter women cooking Bedouin bread, young men dancing dabka and children flying kites.

George Washington student Senate passes divestment resolution as intimidation campaign continues

Jesse Rubin on

The George Washington University student Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution to divest from nine companies known to be complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights after being delayed a week because of threats to their safety by the anti-BDS group Canary Mission. Still, Canary Mission showed up on campus the night of the Senate vote, and it got very bizarre.

We need just twelve more people — can you be one?

Tova Perlmutter on

I’m sure you’re aware of the many ways Israel and its supporters have worked to suppress information about the Great March of Return going on right now in Gaza. Efforts to silence the truth have ranged from typical Israeli government misinformation to the sickening murders by Israeli sniper fire of journalists Yaser Murtaja and Ahmad […]

Killing of second Palestinian journalist covering Gaza protests draws international condemnation

Philip Weiss on

A second Palestinian journalist has died after being shot by Israeli forces while covering the Gaza protests. Ahmad abu Hussein, 24, succumbed yesterday in an Israeli hospital, 12 days after he was shot in the stomach while wearing a Press flak jacket on April 13. By one report, Abu Hussein was shot by an expanding bullet, from hundreds of meters away. International journalists are expressing outrage.

Welcome the doubting liberals

Marilyn Garson on
Trump and Netanyahu

Israel is alienating liberal Zionist support by killing unarmed protesters, by its more overt annexation of the West Bank, by its domestic racism, and its gleeful embrace of Donald Trump.  Marilyn Garson says that Netanyahu is ripping open a space of liberal doubt and a campaign for Palestinian rights can fill that vacancy.

Palestinian Christians and Muslims call on faith communities to help end the occupation

Open Letter on

Palestinian Christian Advocates for Justice and the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace: “The Israeli occupation of East Jerusalem, as well as the rest of the West Bank, Gaza, and the Syrian Golan Heights, is now in its fifty-first year, the longest military occupation since the end of the nineteenth century. Palestinian Christians and Muslims are calling on the church to use its influence to end the occupation.”

Lieberman, commander of Gaza snipers, arrives in D.C. to take on Iran Deal

Mondoweiss Editors on

Just when Emmanuel Macron arrives in Washington to try and save the Iran deal, another county heard from! Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s defense minister, and commander of the Gaza snipers, flew to the U.S. to meet with John Bolton, the national security adviser and ardent supporter of Israel, to counter the European push for peace with Iran.

Portman’s move puts pressure on liberal Zionists to take a stand

Philip Weiss on

Natalie Portman’s decision to boycott an awards ceremony in Israel is putting pressure on other liberal Zionists to take real action to try and end the occupation, and scaring other liberal Zionists who fear that she is fostering the BDS campaign.

Israeli government justifies killing child protesters in Gaza: They’re not in school

Philip Weiss on

Israeli government officials are justifying the killing of four children in Gaza protests in the last 2 weeks. Education Minister Naftali Bennett says a 14-year-old boy killed Friday should have been in school, not at protests; while an Israeli government ministry posts a photo of a child in diapers holding a rock at the protests and says Palestinian children should be given books not rocks.

Reclaiming Judaism from mystical nationalism

Rabbi Michael Davis on

For Rabbi Eli Sadan of a religious military academy on the West Bank, “the grand arc of the nation” commands from Jews “a heroism, determination, and commitment to sacrifice that is beyond words.” This militant mysticism is for Jews only and inevitably leads to moral corruption, Rabbi Michael Davis explains.