Video: Médecins Sans Frontières clinic overwhelmed by Palestinians wounded during March of Return

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Since the “Great March of Return” in Gaza began on March 30th, Israeli forces have violently suppressed the protests, killing over 40 Palestinians and injuring over 6,000 more. Doctors in Gaza have expressed concern that protesters have been targeted in the legs by Israeli live fire, noting Israel’s use of expanding or explosive bullets, that tear through soft tissue and make injuries extremely difficult to treat.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, as of May 3, at least 24 Palestinians have had their legs amputated due to their wounds. Israel has continued to justify its use of live fire against civilian protesters, claiming that the protesters “pose a threat” to its security fence.

Video: Yumna Patel, Akram al-Wara, and Nidal Wuheidi
Music: Man Down by Kevin MacLeod

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Despite the wanton killing and appalling injuries, Israel repeats infinitum its broken record of justification(s): The protests by Palestinians on the Gaza border fall into the category of a state of war and thus human rights law does not apply to the rules of engagement, the state said in its response to a High Court petition filed by human rights groups. According to the response, the Israeli forces’ rules of engagement comply with both Israeli… Read more »

Explosive bullets is it?

No. The IDF is using ordinary high velocity sniper bullets, often used to hit targets at great distances. The closer the targets the greater the damage.

The IDF is targeting the lower extremities, where a bullet is likely to impact bone and shatter.

So, no the IDF is not using explosive bullets.

Mondoweiss, the consummate purveyor of agitprop.

Have I missed something? When and where is the “Great March of Return” going to take place?