Stars — They’re Just Like Us: Celebs outraged over Gaza are speaking out

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Celebrities are outraged over Israel’s killing of protesters in Gaza.

At the Cannes Film Festival in southern France actor Benicio del Toro joined about a dozen Palestinians for a minute of silence, others tweeted their grief and frustrations.

This year, Palestine has a tent with its flag raised for the first time at Cannes. Palestinian filmmaker May Odeh told Reuters, “It’s really crazy to be here with the films, with the filmmakers, talking about our future plans while our kids and families are suffering from the Israeli attack on them.”

The Palestinian flag on display outside of the Palestine tent at the Cannes Film Festival. (Photo: Palestinian Film Institute.)

On social media Gigi Hadid, Bette Midler, Morgan Freeman, Ava DuVernay, and Judd Apatow to name a few, tweeted about Israel’s use of live-fire on Palestinian protesters in Gaza that left 61 dead including 8 children.

Hadid posted screen shots of Al Jazeera’s coverage alongside an image of the Nakba with text written by a relative,

“Almost One Million Palestinians were violently forced out of their country and never allowed back to Palestine. The Hadid family was amongst them and they fled in fear to Syria where they became refugees.”

Actor Morgan Freeman took aim at President Donald Trump:

The conversation about Israel and Gaza has even pierced into mainstream outlets beyond the network news. Yesterday morning New York City’s Hip Hop station Hot 97’s morning show, “Ebro in the Morning,” dedicated an entire segment to yesterday’s demonstration in Gaza where the two blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump:


Ebro: “Sometimes it isn’t just as easy as pick a side. Sometimes the place that you live, or the thing that you love is just wrong. Straight up, and being evil. ”

Rosenberg: “And if you were in another country and you felt you had a connection to the U.S., but under Trump’s regime would you be telling people, ‘oh my god, I love everything the U.S. does?’ No. You’d be like yo, I don’t know what’s going on over there.

Netanyahu is a bad dude, and he’s been bad for a long time.”

Ebro: “And he’s under investigation right now for war crimes and some corruption.

Rosenberg: This is a guy who when Yitzhak Rabin was working on the peace process  with Arafat, which was potentially, should have been one of the most important things to have ever happened, he was calling Rabin a Nazi for making peace with Arafat back then. that’s who Netanyahu is, that’s who he’s always been. He’s always been a crazy right-winger and now he’s running the show.

Ebro: “And a war monger”

Rosenberg: “And a war monger. And now he’s got a friend who is perfect because Trump loves violence. Wherever there can be violence, wherever there can be oppression towards brown people and Muslim people Trump is for it.”

Here are tweets from other celebrities that have spoken out:

NFL free agent Oday Aboushi retweeted:

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That’s especially great that Gigi Hadid spoke up. She’s got 9.2 million followers on Twitter. Netanyahu has only 1.4 million on his personal account and 0.6 million on his PM of Israel account. Gal Gadot has 1.8 million.

I applaud all these brave celebrities for openly criticizing this massacre, risking their careers as they do so. The world needs to hear more. I am still waiting for the others to speak out. Just like the Congress, they do not want to jeopardize their jobs and lucrative roles. It… Read more »

Tonight is the 75th anniversary of the legendary “Dambusters” raid in 1943. I think another dam has just been breached.

I’m really impressed by Hot 97’s honest discussion of the issue. In that small 15 minute conversation the Hip Hop radio station featured more honesty about Israel and Palestine than mainstream American media – CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the NYTs – feature in a whole decade of their reporting. And… Read more »

Ebro: “Sometimes it isn’t just as easy as pick a side. Sometimes the place that you live, or the thing that you love is just wrong. Straight up, and being evil. ” Reminded me of something Joe Sacco said about Gaza. “I find it very difficult to be objective when… Read more »