Tell Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: stand by your principles — stand with Palestine!

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Supporters of justice around the world were heartened when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently won the Democratic congressional primary for a Bronx/Queens district with a grassroots campaign that included a forceful condemnation of the ongoing Israeli massacre of Palestinian Great Return March protesters in Gaza.

Now, under intense Zionist backlash, she has “walked back” her stand, saying she had not used “the right words” in calling out Israeli occupation, and endorsing Israel’s “right to exist.”

We fully embrace Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ original defense of Palestinian rights, and reiterate these essential facts:

Alexandria, your campaign is only as strong as its principles. Just as you speak truth to power for Abolish ICE, Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, and Puerto Rico, stand firm with justice for Palestine!

This post was originally published as a petition on on July 22, 2018. 

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Simply not going to happen. She’s aiming for the big-time in US politics, and you ain’t going to get there being pro-Palestinian.

Petition is good. I will sign it, and spread it around.

who is currently the most pro palestinian congressman?

i would think that she should contact peter beinart, i think he could help her navigate uncharted waters. it will involve savvy and wisdom.

James Comey weighs in on twitter:

“Democrats, please, please don’t lose your minds and rush to the socialist left. This president and his Republican Party are counting on you to do exactly that. America’s great middle wants sensible, balanced, ethical leadership.”

Such concern he has.

By the way, the Great March of Return was not so great. More like desperate measures. It will be remembered in the context of what comes next in Gaza. And that is still unclear.