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Updating user profiles, SSL encryption, and easier technical support

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We’ve been busy behind-the-scenes at Mondoweiss and have some technology updates for you. In addition, our users notified us over the last few days about a problem with the user profiles we are now addressing.

Updated Aug 6: 100 Recent Comments page link fixes

We’ve rolled out a new version of the 100 Recent Comments page. The links will now take you directly to the comment on the post. There is an issue with the comment formatting on this page that we hope to update soon.

New user profile system

Active members of our commenting community noticed this week that the user profile pages listing one’s recent comments were no longer loading. We identified the problem, however it required us to deactivate this feature. We have rolled out a new, updated user profile system, that lists the recent comments and will allow us to add some more functionality in the future. Thank to everyone for your patience over the last day or two while we got this running!

With the new user profile system in place, you can access and update your account here. Edit your profile by clicking on the settings gear on your user profile page. Clicking on any user’s name in the comments section will take you to their profile where you will see a history of their comments, clickable to the original article.

The 100 most recent comments across the site can still be accessed here.

End-to-end encryption for greater security

In July we rolled out full SSL encryption on the site. You may have noticed the URL now loads under HTTPS. Old links to our site should redirect without trouble.

New technical support channel

If you have any issues with your account on our website, your subscription to our newsletters – or if you find a technical problem – we have a new support system. Visit our contact page and select technical support to submit a service ticket. If you need some action taken in regard to our privacy policy, select the privacy request option. You can also email [email protected] directly to open a ticket.

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Thank you, Dave. Must’ve been hell for you.

thanks dave, i really appreciate all the work you’ve been doing. as a non techy person i don’t really understand but will try to get the hang of it.

… Thank to everyone for your patience over the last day or two while we got this running! …

My thanks and appreciation to you – and to everyone involved with the site, from Phil on down – for making Mondoweiss possible.

Dave, will we be able to search within users’ comments as before?

Keep up the good work Dave and take your time! :)