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‘NYT’ columnist is one-trick-pony: being propagandist for Israel

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The New York Times just ran a column by Shmuel Rosner calling for Palestine to become part of Jordan in order for Palestinians to obtain political rights. The column includes several swipes at Palestinians as lesser to Israeli Jews, and needing to be separated from Israel:

Since 1967, Israel hasn’t been able to identify a Palestinian leadership that can be trusted to keep the peace and maintain order…. And so it has always hoped that Israel’s eventual separation from Palestinians will include a guarantee of — to put it bluntly — adult supervision.

Why does the Times have this guy in its stable?  The anti-Palestinian racist viewpoint is adequately represented by Bret Stephens and Thomas Friedman, but they also write about other things— Stephens wants a war with Iran, for instance and doesn’t like Trump. He and Gail Collins have adorable Resistance lovefests sometimes.  Thomas Friedman loves CEO’s and austerity and war and occasionally even says something sensible about global warming.

But all Rosner does is talk about Israel from a far right perspective.

Back in May Rosner said that the slaughter of 60 Palestinians that week at the Gaza border was for their own good:

I believe Israel’s current policy toward Gaza ultimately benefits not only Israel but also the Palestinians. Of course, it does not benefit the Palestinians who dream about “returning,” or in other words, about eliminating Israel. But it is the only way forward for those who have more realistic expectations.

Four years ago during the 2014 Gaza slaughter, he expressed narcissistic contempt for liberal American Jews who were critical of the onslaught that killed more than 500 children.

On matters of life and death, war and peace, Israelis are going to make their own decisions. If they lose the support of some liberal Jews over it, that would be regrettable, but so be it.

Does the Times and its readers really need a columnist whose only role is propagandist for this particular country?

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Why does NYT give space to such trash? I guess the NYT feels it must (if under pressure; or if not under pressure ardently desires to ) placate the Zionist far-right. In short, it is part of the long-evolved mechanism of manufactured consent in the USA and it matters little if at all whether the pressure (on NYT) to promote far-right Zionism (but by now all Zionism, in my book, is far right, because it… Read more »

Yes, Donald.

The answer is yes – it does. And it won’t ever stop.

They do not care about anything other than the most vulgar pro-Israel perspective.

The end.

Ten or more years ago this Rosner worked for an Israeli paper, maybe Haaretz. I used to read Haaretz when it was still free, so it was probably there but I’m not absolutely sure. Once, he made an interview to a hassidic rabbi who was leaving to join a group in Uruguay. He had also just then published a book on the importance of not intermarrying. So I wrote Rosner to ask the rabbi what… Read more »

Very good points regarding the two columnists, but Oh, PLEASE, Mondoweiss, can’t you post more about the New York Times and its coverage blackout of the Great March of Return and so many other stories that appear in foreign media and in Electronic Intifada? All of these obvious “omissions” of the human rights crisis in Gaza and the rest of what little remains of Palestine are dictated by NYT Publisher A.G. Sulzberger, Executive Editor Dean… Read more »

The New York Times has become part of the Hasbara. This narrative I have seen from the Hasbara trolls, who keep regurgitating the theory that there is no place called Palestine, and they should all go to Jordan. Shame on the NYT for publishing the work of many so called journalists, who are doing the bidding of the zionists, pushing their propaganda, and making the victims look the aggressors. It is also amusing to see… Read more »