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Why Mondoweiss? Because Denial Is Deadly. Give Now and Double Your Impact.

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Today we share a statement from radical artist Laurie Arbeiter, one of the founders of the collective We Will Not Be Silent, which produces simple, eloquent signs and t-shirts for resistance actions. Laurie is also someone who puts her own body on the line for principles and causes she believes in.

Laurie has supported Mondoweiss for many years. She said, “I am deeply moved that you thought of me to include as one of the voices to speak on behalf of Mondoweiss.”

Remember, the current challenge means all gifts we receive by midnight Monday will be matched 1:1, up to a total of $35,000. Please invest now in Mondoweiss news and analysis.

Why Mondoweiss? To question, to know, to not forget.

We cannot say we did not know; not if we say “never again.”

Read Mondoweiss. Read about Palestine.

By sheer coincidence, the universe aligned for me to discover a very unusual graffiti image in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, that was painted in 2008 and to this day is still there: “Read About Palestine.” I am inspired by this powerful message and that Mondoweiss is dedicated in its mission to give us this opportunity to “read about Palestine” every day.

Read Mondoweiss, and invest in Mondoweiss.

I know that there never was “a land without people for a people without land.”

I know that funded with U.S. dollars, the Israeli government deploys high-tech weapons to occupy the land of a civilian population that has no place to seek refuge, a population that is imprisoned by Israeli checkpoints, walls, barbed wire, watch-towers, snipers, gun boats and every manufactured weapon there is. I know this is collective punishment. I know this constitutes war crimes.

I know that denial is deadly.

Laurie Arbeiter (left) demonstrates in Woodstock, NY, with Gregor Sirotof.

I know that Zionism kills Palestinians as a long-standing, premeditated settler-colonial enterprise to take over indigenous Palestinian land and ultimately to deny the Palestinian people’s right to exist, in memory, in the present day and finally into their future.

Why Mondoweiss? To read about this, to think about this.

Palestine is denied its past, its present and its future by Israel.

Palestine and Palestinians face existential threat, not Israel, as we are constantly warned so as to distract us from knowing the terrible crimes committed by Israel.

We will not be silent as we risk losing our best selves if we do not reject Zionism as racism, deadly and deadening.

We will not be silent as we condemn the belief that Jewish people are supreme, chosen to return to a land already inhabited as home by generations of Palestinian families. This is White Supremacy to its core. This is terrorism as a state system set to eradicate a whole people.

Why is it celebrated? Why is this tolerated? How do you look away?

We cannot say we did not know. Never again.

Read about Palestine. Read Mondoweiss. And contribute, as I do, to ensure that others may know how imperative it is to not be silent.

Laurie Arbeiter

Laurie Arbeiter is a radical artist who is also one of the founders of WE WILL NOT BE SILENT (, an artist/activist collaborative language project in existence since 2006.

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  1. Eva Smagacz on December 31, 2018, 9:07 am

    Donated. I am pleased I could give more than I usually can donate. This is a just cause.

  2. Generalist on December 31, 2018, 10:00 am

    (Tova here) Thank you, Eva! We appreciate you, and especially that you were able to stretch this time. Have a safe and peaceful new year.

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