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Why Mondoweiss: Sharp and insightful analysis sorely lacking in mainstream media

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We are privileged to share with you a message in support of Mondoweiss from novelist/poet/activist Susan Abulhawa. Susan has written several times for Mondoweiss over the past six years; we have also published reviews of her writing as well as coverage of the incidents when Israel denied her entry to her homeland.

We feel very lucky to be considered useful by someone as accomplished as Susan Abulhawa. If you’ve already given this month, we thank you! If you haven’t yet, please read on to see why Susie values Mondoweiss and wants you to donate.

Twice in the past three years, Israel denied me entry to my own country, the place of youth, my family, my ancestors and my culture. Both times, Mondoweiss was the first to publish my humiliating and painful ordeals, which spurred coverage in other publications to also shine a light on Israel’s outrageous policies.

Mondoweiss has been a valuable English-language publication in the struggle against Israeli apartheid. Their writers and editors reliably and consistently cover the injustices that Israel would like to go unnoticed — and Mondoweiss’s responses set the tone for other publications.

Whether covering the outrageous conviction of Dareen Tatour for writing a poem, the indefinite imprisonment of Khalida Jarrar, or the epic defiance of the Great March of Return, Mondoweiss delivers the daily traumas and triumphs of Palestinians in the homeland and diaspora.

Just as importantly, Mondoweiss offers the sharp and insightful analyses that help readers make sense of the news by giving the historic and political contexts so sorely lacking in mainstream media.

For these reasons and more, Mondoweiss has become an important and trusted resource. I’m happy to support their work and hope you will too.