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September 2019

We endorsed Gantz to block Trump’s deal — Ayman Odeh of Joint List

James North and Philip Weiss on

Benny Gantz is “bad,” but Netanyahu is “the worst,” says Ayman Odeh of the Palestinian Joint List in Israel. But Odeh told Time magazine that 10 Palestinian legislators endorsed Gantz because they want to stop Trump’s deal of the century and the annexation by Israel of West Bank lands.

Canada’s shameful position on the Palestinian refugees

Hanna Kawas on
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shakes hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Photo: Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

Canadian governments have a woeful record at supporting the rights of Palestinian refugees and the current government is no different. With the right of return under renewed attack from Trump’s “Deal of the Century” it is essential that activists make clear Palestinian rights are not for sale.

Israel can no longer ignore Arab voters

Naim Mousa on
Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi celebrate their Taal-Hadash list, splitting off from the Joint List

Naim Mousa writes, “There are two candidates for prime minister, one incites violence against Arabs and constantly carries out racist policies, and the other does the exact same but is called Gantz.” Yet Palestinian voters have shown their growing power through the Joint List’s endorsement of Gantz to lead the government.

The illusion of electoral politics from Palestine to Black America

Devyn Springer on
The results of the exit polls are shown on a screen at Benny Gantz's Blue and White party headquarters, following Israel's parliamentary election, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sept. 17, 2019. (Photo: Reuters)

Devyn Springer reflects that as a Black person in the United States, Palestinian cynicism towards Israeli elections feels all too familiar. “So-called important national elections seem to always be at the expense of my community’s existing oppression,” Springer writes.

Democrats will continue to abandon Israel, no matter who is next P.M.

James Zogby on

What’s clear from Israel’s election is that the country has moved so far right, no one should expect any change in Israeli policy toward the occupation or Palestinian human rights, no matter who wins. And because Israeli policy is driving the U.S.’s deep partisan divide toward Israel, that will only deepen, James Zogby writes.

In Gaza, 86 Palestinians injured, one slain, in 76th Friday protest

Kate on

At the Gaza border in Rafah yesterday hundreds of protesters gathered for speeches and folk songs. Dozens approached the fence and threw stones and Molotov Cocktails, and Israeli soldiers responded with live fire, killing Saher ‘Awadallah Jaber ‘Othman (20).

The ‘NYT’ gives another book review to a rightwing Zionist, who denies the Nakba

James North and Philip Weiss on

Francine Klagsbrun writes in the New York Times that the Palestinian refugee problem was created by Palestinians who decided to leave “of their own accord” in 1948. This is Nakba denial. With the choice of rightwing Zionists Klagsbrun and Hillel Halkin to review books on Israel lately, the New York Times is demonstrating its commitment to support Israel in ideological battle.

Teaching Edward Said in Gaza

Haidar Eid on
Edward Said

This week marks the anniversary of Edward Said’s death and Haidar Eid reflects on how the Palestinian intellectual’s work has impacted his own. “It is important at this time of turmoil, not only in Palestine, but also globally, to remember Said as he would have wanted us to remember him, out of place,” Eid writes. 

Liberal Zionists envision a sea change in Israel with success of the Joint List

James North and Philip Weiss on

The success of the Palestinian Joint List in the Israeli election has given hope to liberal Zionist groups for a post-Netanyahu era of non-discrimination and a better international image. Though there is little in Israeli Jewish politicians’ conduct to support the hope, Ayman Odeh of the Joint List will be speaking to J Street next month.

How Israel could prevent a war with Iran

Ted Snider on
Benjamin Netanyahu claiming Iran was expanding its nuclear capability in violation of the Iran Deal in April 2018.

While Israel wants the world to see Iran behind every conflict and want to see it ostracized and isolated, they may not want Iran defeated because that would eliminate the special role Israel plays for the United States.

Palestine’s economy is more than meets the eye

Layla A. Kaiksow and Reema AbuShaheen on
Palestinians work at wood factory during a field tour of the Ministries of Economy and Finance, in Gaza city on September 19, 2019. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour/APA Images)

Layla Kaiksow and Reema AbuShaheen explain no amount of investment dollars can change the painful Israeli-made facts on the ground for Palestinian manufacturers and entrepreneurs. “Economic development without statehood has gotten us to this point, and that point is nowhere.” 

As Gaza’s economy goes into freefall, the debtors’ prison is overflowing

Yousef M. Aljamal on
A Palestinian man sits next to his cart where he hangs household items for sell in al-Nuseriat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip (Photo: Mohammed Assad) Mondowiess)

In Gaza, failing to pay a personal or bank loan is punishable by a maximum 91-day prison sentence. With the economy plummeting, more and more Palestinians are winding up in prison for loans taken out to cover household expenses and modest rents– 90,000 last year, by one report.

The only hope for Israel politically is… Palestinians

Philip Weiss on

Palestinians in Israel are far more liberal than Jews. Nearly 90 percent say they would support a Palestinian party being part of the government, while Israeli Jews reject that idea overwhelmingly. So the one group that doesn’t buy into Zionism is the only hope to save Israel from its rightwing intolerance; and it is time that American Jews understand that reality.

The climate emergency makes Zionism obsolete (but Judaism could help save the planet)

Robert Cohen on
A Palestinian girl passes through flooding water in the village of Ein Qiniya near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Jan. 9, 2013. Extreme weather, including torrential rains and heavy winds, killed four people in Israel and the Palestinian territories on January 8, 2013, as widespread flooding swept the Middle East. (Photo: Issam Rimawi/APA Images)

Robert Cohen writes, with the global climate emergency upon us, “Zionism is one of many obsolete ideologies which needs to be ditched if we’re to build a sustainable future for all of us. In contrast, Judaism itself, shorn of its Zionist overlay, has plenty to offer as we look for radically different ways to relate to each other and the planet.”