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Change happens in communities everywhere–including yours

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We’re nearing the halfway point! We can unlock a $100,000 challenge fund if we raise $100,000 from you and other Mondoweiss supporters by December 31. Going into the new year with $200,000 would enable us to continue growing and delivering urgently needed information.

Can you donate now? There’s just a week left! Your gift today of $40, $75 or whatever amount you can manage will recognize and empower the superb reporting of Michael Arria and the hard work of BDS activists in communities everywhere. And of course, if you’ve already made a gift this month, please accept our thanks.

Since I joined Mondoweiss this year, I’ve had the pleasure of reporting to you a number of victories for the movement here in the US. At a time when BDS and Palestine solidarity advocates are facing backlash like never before, you and I both are likely in need of a healthy dose of optimism.

I’m so proud to be part of a team delivering stories of change to you: ChangeMakers like the students at Brown University who got the advisory committee on investments to vote in favor of divestment from companies that profit from Israeli apartheid; and like the Portland activists who claimed victory when their NBA team cut ties with a sniper scope manufacturer supplying equipment to the Israeli military.

With the many fights looming ahead of us, we can’t forget the battles that have already been won–and the way that media coverage helped create the conditions to win them. If you agree with me that this kind of reporting is necessary to advance the movement, please donate today.

Coverage of BDS campaigns is itself useful for inspiring the movement, but it’s also part of what makes victories happen–reporting like Mondoweiss’s is a critical part of building the public pressure that makes these wins possible. The impact of BDS and other resistance occurs when the mass public learns about the atrocities Israel is committing, and Mondoweiss is committed to keeping the world’s eyes open to these horrors.

And ChangeMakers aren’t just activists or organizations who are dedicated to this work–they’re also every day community members. Earlier this year, you may have read Mondoweiss’s reporting on Bahia Amawi, a Palestinian-American speech pathologist in a town near Austin, Texas. As a result of an anti-BDS bill the state passed in 2017, Amawi was required to effectively sign a promise not to boycott Israel as part of her annual contract with the school district. She didn’t consider herself an activist but, as a Palestinian, she knew all about the horrors of occupation and displacement. She refused to sign that portion of the contract, and as a result, she lost her job.

Amawi sued her school district and the Attorney General of Texas. She won her case and the judge issued an injunction against the contract clause. Texas’ anti-BDS was patently unconstitutional and it predictably died as soon as it saw a courtroom. “God is great,” Amawi told the Washington Post, “It’s a huge win not just for me, but for everybody here in Texas.”

Just two weeks after this inspiring victory, Texas modified the law. The anti-BDS bill would no longer apply to individuals like Amawi, but it would apply to companies of a certain size. The new, revised law is now being challenged legally by many of the people who fought for Amawi.

Protesters alerting the public to the partnership between the Portland Trail Blazers and a manufacturer providing scopes to Israeli snipers

The Texas case exemplifies a trend that I see again and again as the U.S. correspondent for Mondoweiss. BDS, or the wider Palestine solidarity movement, notches a victory, and pro-Israel groups or lawmakers adjust accordingly. It seems like every week I’m covering a positive development, while also reporting on a new effort to stifle dissent. Activists in Massachusetts were able to kill an unconstitutional anti-BDS bill last year, but the same bill has just been introduced again. Now community members will have to fight it all over again.

It can all begin to seem very daunting. As we make progress, the attacks against our side escalate. But you and I know that this is the reality of organizing and the only effective way to promote change, and informing the public about these campaigns is essential to make change happen.

That’s why we need your help more than ever before, and why we need to raise $100,000 from you and other readers before the year’s end. We want to be able to highlight victories that give you hope, while alerting you to the new dangers ahead.

The battle for justice isn’t just happening in Palestine or Israel or Washington– it’s happening in your community. Just ask Bahia Amawi. By making a contribution to Mondoweiss today, you will advance the fight for justice. Please act today to help spread the truth about Palestine and the movement for its liberation.

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In the 2020 NBA draft, an Israeli player, Deni Avdija, is expected to be drafted near the top. Shouldn’t the BDS movement apply the boycott to this player? Remember, BDS also includes a cultural boycott of Israel. I am a big NBA fan. I personally would be angry if my local team drafted this guy. NBA fans everywhere should urge their teams not to violate the BDS boycott. What better way to send a message?… Read more »

Thanks, @RamboDave. That’s a valuable tip and we can get the information to the Portland folks.

–Generalist (aka Tova Perlmutter, Mondoweiss Executive Director)