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How does change happen? Your help makes the difference.

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Generous donors have offered a challenge this month: if we raise $100,000 from you and other supporters by December 31, they will match it with an additional $100,000. Please give today to unlock these much-needed funds. And read on to understand how your support of Mondoweiss helps ChangeMakers make an impact.

In May, a Palestinian band set up in front of a Gaza apartment building flattened by an Israeli air strike. They swept away building debris before starting their performance at the same time as a concert just miles away in Tel Aviv: the Eurovision song contest. Playing and singing on the rubble, they called for a boycott of Eurovision, and for the world to pay attention.

This act of resistance and resilience had an impact beyond the hours they played. The story circulated all over the world and inspired countless people like you. I am proud that Mondoweiss covers ChangeMakers like these, and it’s why I’m asking you to contribute today—so we can keep telling their stories.

Photo by Mohammed Asad.

In all the years I’ve worked on this issue, there are so many questions I’ve tried to answer, but there’s always been one that is central to this work: how does change happen? That’s a question we strive to answer every day for you with our reporting here at Mondoweiss.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you stories of people creating real change, on the ground in Palestine and elsewhere—because we believe as you do that amplifying their voices increases their impact. Before the year ends, we need to raise $200,000 to continue this work. Can you donate today and help us meet the challenge?

Like you, I’m pleased that some amazing champions of justice for Palestine receive mainstream media attention—more than ever before. But you know as well as I do that the world needs to hear about so many other ChangeMakers. A critical part of our work at Mondoweiss is to inform hundreds of thousands of people about those who don’t have mainstream media coverage.

We report on ChangeMakers like the 400 Palestinian political prisoners who used a hunger strike to win concessions from the Israeli Prison Service last April. Thousands of Palestinians are currently being held as political prisoners in Israeli jails, and with your help, we’ll continue to raise our megaphone to make their voices heard.

Because of your support, we are also able to cover more stories than ever of ChangeMakers in the United States—ChangeMakers like Bahia Amawi, who sued after she lost her job in a Texas school district because she refused to sign a contract that included a pledge not to boycott Israel. Mondoweiss shared the news with you when Bahia won. As a result, all such clauses in Texas state contracts have been ruled unconstitutional. This was a massive victory not only for Bahia, but for all those who speak out for Palestine.

This is the answer to how change happens. Because change doesn’t come overnight or from the top—real change starts with resistance from the ground up, and the ChangeMakers who create it multiply their impact when the world knows of their powerful actions. You can learn more about them on the site to find motivation and hope for your own work.

ChangeMakers don’t predict the future, they create it. And thanks to your support of Mondoweiss, the world knows change is coming. Please keep standing with us so we can all hasten its arrival.