Bloomberg is the only candidate who has announced that he’ll attend AIPAC conference

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After Tuesday night’s South Carolina debate, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar told the Jewish News Syndicate that she wouldn’t be attending next week’s AIPAC Policy Conference because it coincides with Super Tuesday. Today, a spokesperson for Pete Buttigieg told reporter Jacob Kornbluh that the former South Bend Mayor would also be skipping the conference.

Although former vice president Joe Biden has indicated that he will attend, he hasn’t officially announced it yet. This means that the only Democratic nominee definitely attending the conference is former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Shortly before the debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he was skipping the event and accused AIPAC of promoting bigotry.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren told an activist in New Hampshire that she wasn’t attending.

On Tuesday, activists shut down Joe Biden’s Philadelphia campaign headquarters, demanding that he also skip the conference. That action was part of a wider movement which was sparked by a coalition of progressive groups looking to pressure the Democratic nominees on the issue.

During the debate, Bloomberg’s Twitter account attacked Sanders over his AIPAC comments. “To characterize AIPAC as a racist platform is offensive, divisive, and dangerous to Israel – America’s most important ally in the Middle East – and to Jews,” the tweet read, “How can Bernie profess he’s the path to unity when he’s already managed to polarize a people and a party?”

It’s unclear at this time whether Klobuchar and Buttigieg will have no involvement in the conference at all, or whether they will send remarks to the event via video.

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Mike, you’re sinking rapidly in the polls. All your billions can’t save you from the disinterest the public is showing towards your candidacy. And your embrace of the hate group, AIPAC, is just one more nail in the coffin of your candidacy. All the others have gotten the memo saying that, as a Democrat, it’s no longer OK to embrace racist agents of Israel.

Time for you to step aside, Mike!

Biden and Sen. Amy Klobuchar would send greetings to AIPAC attendees by video, along with former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who confirmed on Saturday night. Up until Friday, only Bloomberg had confirmed he would be speaking in person