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Welcome Kate Casa – Mondoweiss’s new Director of Development

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We are very excited to announce the hiring of Mondoweiss’s new Director of Development – Kate Casa. 

Kate is based in Brattleboro, Vermont and will be bringing a rich history of development work, journalism, and advocacy for Palestine to Mondoweiss. Kate got her start in journalism and was the editor of the Brattleboro Reformer. She worked as a development and communications professional with Lebanese American University, ACLU, ACCESS, Center for Community Change, and most recently with the School for International Training where she served as director of communications. In addition, Kate has been a volunteer writing coach with We Are Not Numbers, a project that Mondoweiss has collaborated with closely. 

Here is a message from Kate to the Mondoweiss community:

I am excited and so honored to join Mondoweiss, a news organization that I have long followed and respected. As a former journalist who lived and worked in Palestine in the 1980s and ’90s, I remember feeling blindsided by how much my Americanized perceptions of that conflict left me ignorant of the most basic facts on the ground, even when it came to the simplest interactions – like the way soldiers would toss Palestinian boys’ IDs in the dirt instead of handing them back, or capriciously force people to stand in the sun facing a wall, sometimes for hours, before letting them continue on their way to school or work.

I became acutely aware of corporate media’s double standards when it comes to coverage of different groups of people and how news organizations are often unwilling to challenge the status quo even when they knew better – or choose not to know.

Although some news outlets have found the courage to make some important strides in recent years — to name climate change; to check and correct their own privilege; to come to terms with their complicity in warmongering — Palestine remains one of this industry’s last dim corners, where reporters and editors are content to let stand the distortions, omissions and outright lies that allow the world to comfortably look away.

It’s why I have the greatest respect for Mondoweiss’s truth-telling writers and editors. Every day, they fearlessly write the stories and opinions that too many others shun or ignore. Mondoweiss does not look away from racist state violence — whether in Palestine or the United States — and the structures and partnerships that support it.

In my new role as development director, I look forward to working with the Mondoweiss community and reaching out to new allies to ensure that this critical work continues for as long as the truth needs to be told. Thanks for all you do, and for continuing to support Mondoweiss.

Kate has already begun work, and you will undoubtedly be hearing from her soon. She will have the month of June to work with our Executive Director Tova Perlmutter before Tova leaves our staff, to help ensure a smooth transition. 

Please join me in welcoming Kate to Mondoweiss! We will ask for support formally in the next several weeks, but if you are moved to make a gift now in honor of Kate’s arrival, we will be grateful for your help. Mondoweiss is committed to continuing our coverage and we depend on reader donations to do so.

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Welcome Kate!