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Ahed Tamimi

The real occupation is Zionism, Ahed Tamimi explains

Jonathan Ofir on

On Democracy Now! released Palestinian prisoner Ahed Tamimi says the occupation and checkpoints and conflict are a product of Zionism, which is not Judaism. ‘Liberal-Zionists’ are going to have a hard time with this one. They have been insisting that the 1967 occupation can be reversed without addressing Zionism. In fact, they believe that reversing it is essential to maintaining the Zionist Jewish State.

The incomplete freedom of Ahed Tamimi

Jonathan Ofir on

Ahed and Nariman Tamimi may now be free from prison, but they are in no way free from Israel’s colonialist occupation. There are nearly 6,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons (which is in contravention of international law). Nearly 300 of them are children.

In the occupation, slapping a soldier is worse than killing a Palestinian

Jonathan Ofir on

Israeli justice is defined by two events on Monday: the military parole board further reduced Elor Azarya’s prison sentence for killing an incapacitated Palestininian suspect, and a military appeals court rejected Ahed Tamimi’s appeal for an open trial on charges of slapping an Israeli soldier occupying her home.

The emperor’s new terrorist

Jonathan Ofir on

The military judge closed the doors on 17-year-old Ahed Tamimi’s initial trial hearing for slapping a soldier in occupied Nabi Saleh December 19. He said he was acting in the best interest of a juvenile defendant. But it is in Ahed Tamimi and all Palestinians’ interest for the trial to be open so that the occupation can be revealed to the world.

My father came home from prison when I was 7

Wasan Abu-Baker on

Wasan Abu-Baker pens a reflection on growing up in Palestine as a “child of the stone” dedicated to Ahed Tamimi. She recalls when her father first came home to live with the family after years in prison. Wasan was already seven: “I still remember those days when we came home from school and then going out to the field to pick the olives, then coming back home to finish our homework. After the harvest was completed we would take the olives to our family factory where the olives were pressed to make olive oil. I remember standing next to my dad to have a taste of the freshest olive oil along with my pita bread. He used to say that once you drink olive oil it becomes part of your soul. I will never forget and miss always miss the smell of olives on those days.”

Stop talking about Ahed Tamimi’s hair

Jonathan Ofir on

Appraisals of Ahed Tamimi’s looks have been featured in reports around the world on the 16-year-old girl who slapped a soldier in her occupied Palestinian village: her long blonde hair, her western-style clothing. But this is perverse and demeaning. Ahed Tamimi’s bravery has nothing to do with what she wears or what color her hair is. The discussion needs to be about what she did, not her looks.

Israeli prosecutors try to make Ahed Tamimi a terrorist

Jonathan Ofir on

The Israeli military prosecution against Ahed Tamimi has indicted her on 5 counts. Jonathan Ofir analyses the most essential of them – ‘incitement’ – and how it is based on arguably flawed translation of her mention on Facebook of “martyrdom operations” to mean “suicide bombings,” in an effort to make Tamimi into a terrorist in the eyes of the world.

Israeli journalist who called for unspeakable acts against Ahed Tamimi tries, and fails, to backpedal

Jonathan Ofir on

Prominent Israeli journalist Ben Caspit caused international furor last week, when he wrote of Ahed Tamimi, “in the case of the girls, we should exact a price at some other opportunity, in the dark, without witnesses and cameras”. Caspit has felt the heat in response to his insidious suggestions, and is now in crisis control mode. In a new article Caspit trys to “clarify” in English but Jonathan Ofir says the attempt at spin control is futile and disingenuous: “Caspit, in his desperate attempt to backpedal, is providing an even more pathetic article, which suggests that its just the ‘goyim’ who didn’t understand Israeli jargon.”

The ‘Pallywood’ smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy’s brutalization brings backlash

Annie Robbins on

The viral video of Ahed Tamimi fighting an Israeli soldier who was brutalizing a boy in the occupied Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh has prompted a backlash from Israel’s propagandists: the incident was staged by villagers as a “Pallywood” production. The charge is a cruel smear of people who did not ask to have their lands confiscated by illegal colonists.