Deal of the Century

Majed Abusalama's grandmother, Sitti Tamam, confronts Israeli soldiers imposing a curfew in Gaza. (Photo: Al-Ayyam)

My parents, grandparents, and every Palestinian’s answer to the Trump deal is nothing less than intensifying the resistance for our legitmate rights and right to return, and exposing the international community’s complicity in Israeli Apartheid. In those moments, I feel the memories of my grandparents. Their spirits are looking at me and telling me, ‘resist Majed, resist, there is only one way.’

The village of Turmus Ayya, nestled in a valley between the Nablus and Ramallah districts in the northern occupied West Bank, had high hopes when a local Palestinian company proposed constructing a new housing development on the outskirts of the village. But the Netanyahu government wouldn’t allow it. “We learned from the media that Israel was banning construction in Area B, specifically in Turmus Ayya and the villages around the Shilo settlement,” Saeed Hussein, mayor of Turmus Ayya told Mondoweiss. “Since the release of the peace plan, any new policy in Israel can be directly tied to the American government,” Hussein said.

Netanyahu’s discussion of Palestinian submission to the “radical” and “historic” terms of the Trump “peace plan” sounds very much like surrender. Recognize Israel as “the Jewish state,” accept Israeli sovereignty over much of the West Bank, including every Jewish settlement. Accept Israeli military control forever. Netanyahu laid out these terms in a speech to rightwing American Jews from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.