Women’s March

Lee Zeldin Presents Donato Panico's Flag from Ground Zero and Then Iraq to President Trump in Oval Office

On Monday members from the House of Representatives announced the establishment of the  Congressional Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations, which was created to combat the rising tide of white nationalism. However, the group includes New York Rep. Lee Zeldin, the GOP congressman who has made headlines for his connections to the alt-right and his repeated attacks on Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar on Twitter.

Women’s March organizer Tamika Mallory talks anti-Semitism on the Breakfast Club: “Anti-semitism is a problem. It’s a real serious problem and it’s one that black folks particularly need to pay attention to because there are forces that want to be able to use anti-black racism and anti-Semitism within the Jewish and black communities to keep us apart because God forbid we pulled our power together and really really starting working together.”

Zillah Eisenstein comments on the controversies within the Women’s March, “‘We’, the big we, need to come together committed to moving with and through our limitations and contradictions to find a world free of exploitation and racial hatreds especially white supremacy, antisemitism, xenophobia, capitalism, nationalisms, misogyny and its gender binaries.”

Defenses of Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian-American activist attacked as an anti-Zionist by the New York Times, are popping up everywhere. Bob Bland, co-organizer with Sarsour of the Women’s March, writes: “As a cis-heterosexual white woman new to feminist activism, I found that there were times in planning the January march that were uncomfortable.” But she says coalitions of the oppressed and marginalized are essential to taking on Trump.

Hoda Katebi responds to one of the enduring images from the Women’s March on Washington, “From all the photos these past few days filling our social media feeds of white people with red hats and white women with pink beanies with ears, people holding signs of cheetos, and enough pro-Hillary slogans to make this Muslim woman of color uncomfortable, there was one particularly striking image that was consistently shared and re-shared and praised by the ‘left.’ The American-flag-clad Hijabi woman illustrated in the trademark style of Obama’s ‘hope’ poster is not short of striking. But maybe not for the right reasons.”