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  1. mikomikeyz says:

    This is my second post here. I left my first just a few minutes ago. I didn’t actually see the “about” page until a minute ago. So. I’m down. It’s noble. I don’t know any of you. Maybe some vague recollections which my ADD neatly dispatched. I have a few guesses the more I think about this. I hope I’m not conversing with people who scold for a profession. Professions have a way erecting walls of invulnerability for the professional. I will not waste (too much) time with proud people.

    I read your 4 aims. I get it all but #4.

    I don’t get it. I understand imagining all sorts of different hypothetical futures. (I am terrible with hypotheticals with an undefinable number of variables. As an intuitive but empathic mathematician by nature, permutations and combinations and chaos theory tend to overwhelm me and render me unable to make a “best” or even “locus of best” determination.)

    So, how do you un-do Israel? I don’t see realism, I see academia and impossible immeasurables all over this discussion. (I have the feeling I’ve stepped into a hornets nest of pre-discussed assumptions and righteousness. Am I wrong? This is not something I talk about regularly.) Why WOULD you want to un-do Israel? Is America the Jews’ best long-term hope, and how do you know? (My family came here, both sides, between 1870 and 1890, pre-Ellis Island.) How can we quantitate or qualify answers that are anything but trendy or bowing to the zeitgeist of the moment?

    And lastly, all politics being personal I tend not to see “aims” and “morals”, I see: Freud, Erikson, Freud, Freud, Freud, Erikson.

    • ltrail says:

      I too have much problems with their “About”; especially no. 3 AND no. 4. I am a Zionist through and through. If you don’t know what a Zionist is, or see Zionism as a negative, it is bases on Torah Chapter 15: 18 – 21.

      • kyril says:

        Did you just quote the torah to justify zionism? here let me do it for you:

        15:18 In that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying: ‘Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates;
        15:18 ביום ההוא כרת יהוה אתאברם ברית לאמר לזרעך נתתי אתהארץ הזאת מנהר מצרים עדהנהר הגדל נהרפרת

        It’s 2013, reality check.

      • Wz1948 says:

        The actual Zionist that is mentioned in the Torah is far from what is being practiced on the ground. In reality Zionism is whats dragging the Jewish religion and honorable Jews through the mud. The political Zionism that exists today is the manufacturer of the Irgun and Haganah 2 terror organizations.

        One more fact about today’s Zionism, USS liberty…check it out my fellow Americans, Israeli Army killing US Navy men and Women with weapons and planes donated by the people of the US to their “Allie” The state of Israel.

        link to whatreallyhappened.com

    • I believe you are Israeli and Zionist in your origin and are possibly being paid to spread misinformation throughout the blogosphere. I cannot prove this of course but I have encountered such things in many places when I’ve attempted to challenge Zionist ideals in a thoughtful manner. I am immediately attacked as anti-Semitic for even suggesting alternatives to Israel and painted as a racist fool. This being paid to “shill” is not uncommon among Israeli college students to provide a small source of income as well as reenforce their own Zion ideologies. Dangerous stuff.

  2. RoHa says:

    “Why WOULD you want to un-do Israel?”

    I would want to un-do it because it is evil.

    Israel was evil in conception.

    The idea was an ethnically based state, run for the benefit of a single ethnicity. This was wrong. It is always wrong for a state to privilege one ethnicity over others. The White Australia Policy was wrong when it staarted, and stayed wrong. The same is true of Zionism.

    Israel was evil in creation.

    Israel was created through abominable acts of mass murder, ethnic cleansing, destruction, and lies.

    Israel is evil in conduct.

    Israel has not ceased its ethnic cleansing, its persecution, its destructive wars, and its lies.

    “Is America the Jews’ best long-term hope, and how do you know?”

    Hope for what?

    • mikomikeyz says:

      Okay. Got why you would want to undo it. Still, you went straight for the academic, the visceral. I don’t understand the nuts and bolts.

      As far as “Hope for what”? Well, I trace my ancestry through the book “The Unbroken Chain”. My mother is a genealogist. She has over 10,000 family members on computer. Not just the chain; more importantly, the family stories, the myths, the newspaper clippings, the gravestone rubbings, the surprising connections….the clues to the people that once were. The hopes of these people to one day produce me as the inheritor of the best of all that they are. I owe them something by my existence, and my son can someday choose whether to come to this same conclusion.

      So asking me “Hope for what?”, this coming from someone who is capable of such moral clarity, has such an immoral, snarky twang to it that I don’t think I need to dignify with a answer. You either chill out with the stridency or we have no conversation. I think you know for what I hope.

      • Why did they bulldoze one of the oldest cemeteries in Jerusalem….? It seems like such an intentionally, deeply -wounding backward gesture….

      • How can we owe anything to the dead? Perhaps we benefit from what they bequeathed us, but there is no way we can repay them. That is because they are dead. Even if you believe in an afterlife, what can we do for them? Those who are in heaven do not need our help, and we shall not be allowed to help those who are in hell.

        So choose your goals with a view to the living and the yet-to-be-born, and let the dead bury the dead.

      • RoHa says:

        “So asking me “Hope for what?”, this coming from someone who is capable of such moral clarity,”

        Thank you.

        ” has such an immoral, snarky twang to it that I don’t think I need to dignify with a answer. I think you know for what I hope.”

        I’m sorry you see it as snarky. Perhaps if I phrase it as “What is it that you hope for?” it will sound like the genuine question I intend. For I really do not know what it is you hope for.

    • davidsc says:

      For a country so fraught with ‘evil’ it has had extraordinary economic, artistic, and scientific success on the world stage, despite the huge financial burden on the country to sustain its military force. When the Palestinians decide to turn their hate into something constructive we might start getting somewhere. I remember how the green houses left behind by Israel after the evacuation of Gaza were smashed to pieces by the proponents of Hamas.

      • Sumud says:

        …despite the huge financial burden on the country to sustain its military force.

        You’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

        Israel’s military is funded by the US to the tune of more than $3 billion dollars annually. The US bears the burden, not Israel.

        When the Palestinians decide to turn their hate into something constructive we might start getting somewhere. I remember how the green houses left behind by Israel after the evacuation of Gaza were smashed to pieces by the proponents of Hamas.

        Oh really? Please cite a reliable source that supports that statement.

        The New York Times reported [article quoted at this blog] that settlers disassembled and even destroyed some of the greenhouses, that a small amount of looting did occur after Israel’s unilateral faux withdrawal in 2005 and then that the greenhouses that were left were quickly repaired and put back into use, by the end of 2005:

        NYT: Gaza greenhouses herald economic harvest

        The Goldstone Report reported on Israel’s widespread destruction of Gaza’s Greenhouses [my emphasis]:

        1021. The Mission also reviewed satellite images showing significant destruction of greenhouses throughout Gaza. In total, it is estimated that over 30 hectares of greenhouses were demolished; 11.2 hectares were destroyed in Gaza City and 9.5 hectares in north Gaza. The Mission found that the large-scale and systematic destruction of greenhouses was not justified by any possible military objective.

        1239. The destruction of land and greenhouses has an impact on the availability of fresh food in the Gaza Strip and, consequently, on the total supply of micronutrients to the population. Satellite imagery commissioned by the Mission shows that for the whole Gaza Strip an estimated 187 greenhouse complexes were either destroyed or severely damaged, representing approximately 30.2 hectares. Of all the destroyed greenhouses 68.6 per cent were in the Gaza and Gaza North Governorates; and 85.4 per cent were destroyed or damaged during the last week of the military operations. Satellite imagery also gives strong indications that tanks and/or heavy vehicles were likely to have been responsible for most of the damage.

        The Gaza Greenhouses hasbara is very old and very unoriginal. Please try harder davidsc.

        Oh yes, let’s amend that sentence of yours:

        When the Israelis decide to turn their hate into something constructive we might start getting somewhere.

        • mikomikeyz says:

          As a point in fact, not debate, Israel is probably economically self-sufficient enough that it doesn’t require any US government aid. (As a point open for debate, it might be wise to sever any US governmental aid.)

          But for the sake of understanding, how large is Israel’s annual military budget?

    • You work with what you have…. Progress – means that the possibility exists to move forward, and when you proceed, you have HOPE. Changing the policies of HATE that have been (are!) the foundation of so many nations IS VITAL… We need to consider EVERYONE….we are all related… American Indians say, ‘all my relations’….. I say…. All my beloved relations.

    • Antidote says:

      “I would want to un-do it because it is evil.

      Israel was evil in conception.

      The idea was an ethnically based state, run for the benefit of a single ethnicity.”

      That would also apply to Poland. Starting in 1918, Poland, with the active support or passive toleration of the Great/Imperial powers and the League of Nations, engaged in aggressive wars, ethnic cleansing and persecution of minorities for the purpose to enlarge its territory (in a one-sided definition of self-determination and at the expense of all bordering states) and to built a homogenous nation state in which “Polish” and “Catholic” was more or less synonymous. Such a Polish state had never before existed in history, and certainly not on the territory occupied by Poland since 45 and to this day. Do you have issues with Poland, or only Israel? As a matter of fact, Israel, it could be argued, is more “Polish” than “Jewish”, in many ways the spitting image of its European counter-part. Including the lies (posing as innocent and blameless victim of foreign aggression – from the 18th c partitions to the German invasion and the massive and brutal cleansing of Germans from their homelands in Danzig, East-Prussia etc at the end of WW II)

      • Ellen says:

        Antidote, It was the Russians who occupied Poland and cleansed both Germans and Poles from some regions, and brutalized and transported surviving Germans out East Prussia.

      • seanmcbride says:


        Do you have issues with Poland, or only Israel?

        Let’s compare the activities of the Israel and Poland lobbies in American politics. What has the Poland lobby been up to lately? What demands has it made on Americans in recent decades? What wars has it tried to instigate? How many influential Americans have pro-Poland activists verbally attacked and abused?

        The truth is, Poland and the Poland lobby are non-controversial players and factors in American politics. If Poland doesn’t bug us, we won’t bug Poland.

        You really fail to grasp the deep political hole into which Israel has dug itself. Israel is expressing increasing malice and malevolence towards the very parties on which it is most dependent — signs of a crazy state, not a rational actor. Think of the scorpion and the frog meme.

      • RoHa says:

        “Do you have issues with Poland, or only Israel?”

        I have never been a fan of Poland (although I am a great admirer of Polish logicians, in spite of their unpronounceable names) and see no particular reason why it should exist. However, as far as I can tell, Poland gave up the ethnic cleansing, oppression of minorities, and aggressive wars some time ago.

        Israel is, of course, still carrying out such activities.

    • piotr says:

      “Israel was evil in creation”.

      I think that if you are an anarchist you can see a creation of a state as inherently evil, and this can be documented with lives of saints like Saint Olga (she had a big role in the creation of the Russian state, and apparently, she was a pathological anti-Drevlyanate).

  3. MRW says:


    You have a lot to catch up on here. ;-)

    #4 is not about un-doing Israel. Try this on for size, which represents the thought prevalent at the time your ancestors came here:
    link to home2.btconnect.com

    • mikomikeyz says:

      My family came here, both sides, pre- Ellis Island. 1870-1890. I try my hardest to discuss, learn, measure. I am known to debate, but fight that desire with every fiber of my morning breakfast. I usually lose that fight. Polemics? Only when I have one foot out the door and never intend on continuing the discussion.

      I have seen this before (not in some time). I’ve heard alternatives discussed as to what Israel could have been instead, like a secular state.

      Still, most of my post is unaddressed. How old are most of the posters here? I already know most of the positions I’ve read here so far. I’m 49. I only wish I could transport some of the zeitgeist of the 1970′s regarding Israel to this board and watch the two eras duke it out.

      • Citizen says:

        The Zeitgeist of the 1970′s you refer to was inflated up there by propagandists; currently, we benefit from access to much more information not generally available back then. Get up to speed. That should please your ancestors.

        • mikomikeyz says:

          You realize you just dismissed me in saying “get up to speed”, when what you were addressing was a fantasy, an impossibility? I understand and empathize with your flip, dismissive, reductive response. Only someone who feels they haven’t been heard would respond so. Fair enough. I am not interested in combativeness, solely conversation. Your logic suggests that we know more now about what transpired in pre- and post-1948 then did the actual participants in the events of pre- and post-1948. Possibly, through forensics and legal paperwork. Although, having seen property battles with neighbors, I know how legality and morality often don’t correlate. And such forensics have a tough time re-creating the emotionally fleshy stories which aren’t contained in “information”. My guess is that 99.9% of the millions upon millions of individual stories surrounding that period of time have never been put on paper, and have either died with the participant or been told with the embellishment and polish of time to future generations. So, considering that far more of the participants in the pre- and post-1948 period were still alive in the 1970′s than today to recall events, I still think my imagined boxing match would be fascinating. PS I don’t think my ancestors would appreciate their stories and emotional lives reduced and dismissed as “propaganda”.

    • mikomikeyz says:


      I’ll add one more thing: I have family living in what is now Israel for 150 years. History: Napoleon almost created a Jewish State. Never happened. That would have been-what?-1800? Not a political statement, just history.

      • Citizen says:

        Mmmm, know any people who still take pride in the Stars & Bars? Everybody has a family tree. Get up to speed. This will honor your ancestors.

        • mikomikeyz says:

          Yes. everybody has a family tree. I posted a bit of information for MRW about my family’s history, and about general history.

          As far as getting “up to speed’, I like my speed just fine, and I’m sure my ancestors, as best I’ve been able to know them, would approve.

          Is to seemingly viscerally dismiss, reduce and command those you imagine disagree with you on a message board your general quick default response? I don’t know you, so I don’t know in what context to take your response. This may be something you already know, but I’ll take a shot anyway: you might consider that there are less abusive emotional strategies should you have children. (Or do you have children?)

    • mikomikeyz says:

      PS Your “snapshot of thought” in 1919 shows how zeitgeist changes. I know that Henry Morgenthau became a financial adviser to Israel. There is content in this fact which makes sense to consider on numerous levels.

  4. AaronAarons says:

    Excuse the change of subject, but could you folks post somewhere on the site instructions on how to change one’s login password for this site? I can’t remember the arbitrary string of characters that was emailed to me as my password when I signed up, and I assume others might have the same problem.

    If I’m just being dense and missing the obvious, the moderators should feel free to delete this and send me a private email instead.

  5. patm says:

    Another change of subject.

    I think the article highlighted below is well worth putting up on mondo, but I can’t think of a thread where it would fit. It does speak to our concerns about Christian Zionists — but there is more to it than that.

    “The Rapture didn’t come, but don’t worry, the world is still boiling”

    By Joshua Kahn Russell | May 23, 2011

    link to rabble.ca

    Joshua Kahn Russell is an organizer working to bridge movements for environmental sanity and racial justice. He is a strategy and non-violent direct action trainer with the Ruckus Society.

    Here’s his second para, re American Christian Zionists.

    “I was among many progressives making fun of the rapture all day Saturday, but ultimately the joke might be on us. When it comes to global warming and climate chaos, the script is a bit too familiar.

    According to a recent poll, 44% of Americans believe increased severity of “natural” disasters is “evidence of biblical end times.” That’s nearly half the people in the most powerful country on Earth. 38% believe God uses Nature to dispense justice. It’s an important poll that climate change activists and sensible people everywhere should take seriously.”

  6. Elliot says:

    Thank you, Phil and Adam.
    The four principal aims are just right. I’m particularly pleased to see #4.

  7. Philip and Adam, thank you guys for organizing and voicing the truth about Middle East. I was extremely sick and tired hearing Zionist Propaganda from Major networks like CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, NPR etc all doing Zionist propaganda. NPR was not like that years ago, they changed since 7 years. Zionists took over NPR as well.

  8. MHughes976 says:

    I’m trying to make a donation – it worked last time but this time the system won’t have me unless I enter a US state and postcode. Any way through the barrier? – Martin

    • Ellen says:

      I had that same problem. I finaly got around it when someone did it for me. It seems to be the service used to process credit cards? As Mondo has an international participation, it would be great if that could be fixed?

  9. patm says:

    How do I repair my subscription service? I can no longer get email notifications of follow up comments, nor can I subscribe without commenting.

    Help!! Thanks, Pat Montague alias patm

  10. Talkback says:

    I’m to stupid to find out by myself how use the HTML tags. Can anybody help me? How can I close a blockquote cite tag?

  11. By mistake I typed in mondoweiss.com instead of mondoweiss.net and found myself at a site with URL ww2.mondoweiss.com. This pseudo-Mondoweiss is a pro-Israel site. Mondoweiss is besieged!

    • piotr says:

      This is interesting. Today mondoweiss.com links to monster.com, a job searching website. Apparently, someone owns the domain name and RENTS it for spam-like purposes, and some hasbara effort was paying for that for some time. I think it works like google ads.

      Very often misspelled versions of commercial domains display ads of the competitors, which may give revenue but also be a form of the pressure for the domain owner to buy the misspelled name.

    • Light says:

      The same happened to me today. However, the rogue site tried to install a virus on my machine. Make sure your anti virus is up to date and type your url’s carefully.

  12. piotr says:

    A question about donations:

    I is correct to conclude that 33,257 was raised in smaller donations, and 10,000 by the “matching”?

  13. Mayhem says:

    How does one get full video displayed in a post instead of just a link?
    Would be great if one of the machers around here put together a general guide.

  14. Woody Tanaka says:

    I think it would be good to let comments stay open for more than 2 days. There are often still good conversations going on that just get cut off.

  15. Eva Smagacz says:

    Mondoweiss for iPhone has no DONATE button.

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