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Park Slope Food Coop puts up firewall against boycott of Israeli goods

Philip Weiss on
Workshop on boycott of Sodastream and other Israeli products by Park Slope Food Coop, Sunday at noon

Earlier this week, the Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn held a general meeting at which it passed a measure to require a super-majority of 75 percent on resolutions to boycott products at the coop. The rule is aimed at holding back the forces that want to boycott Israeli goods.

Human Rights Watch calls for sanctions against Israel over settlements

Omar Barghouti on
The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

Omar Barghouti writes, “Though Human Rights Watch does not endorse BDS or call for a boycott against Israel or companies profiting from its violations of international law, it actually calls for something quite radical: sanctions against Israel.”

Methodist divestment highlights Israel’s place in the world

Marc H. Ellis on
The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

The Methodist decision to withdraw their investments from five major Israeli banks for their enablement – and profiteering – from the occupation of Palestinians is telling. Not only do they call out Israel for its transgressions, they add it to a list of “high-risk” areas that “demonstrate a prolonged and systematic pattern of human rights abuses.” It is the nations of the world they place Israel among that’s most explosive.

Knesset anti-BDS meeting reveals Israeli fear of isolation

Omar Barghouti on
BDS protest in Montreal (Photo: Scott Weinstein)

Recent Israeli efforts to fight BDS smell of deep despair, which is giving rise to hopeless aggression, even worse bullying and patently irrational measures that can only help BDS to grow in the coming few years. Particularly noteworthy are reports on the Knesset’s anti-BDS caucus meeting which convey the universal sense in Israel of failure to stem the BDS movement’s growth and the admission that the impact of BDS may be growing beyond control.

The BDS Movement: A 2015 year in review

Palestinian BDS National Committee on
UN report cites BDS as key factor behind the 46% drop in foreign direct investment in Israel in 2014.

2015 was a landmark year for the BDS movement. Read a detailed round-up of BDS victories over the past 12 months.

European legal experts call on EU to stop trading with settlements

Mondoweiss Editors on
The Israeli flag flying over Israeli settlements in the West Bank (Photo: Reuters)

An open letter signed by dozens of prominent legal scholars calls on the European Union to stop trading with Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. This letter comes in the wake of the EU decision to label settlement products. However, as the international law experts confirm, the EU and its member states have a firm obligation under international law to stop trading with settlements altogether.

No, those Israel boycotts are not illegal

Radhika Sainath on
Vote in favor of the academic boycott of Israel at the American Anthropological Association’s annual business Dec. 5, 2014 (photo: Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions)

On December 1, the Wall Street Journal published an oped titled, “Those Israel Boycotts Are Illegal” after members of the American Anthropological Association overwhelmingly voted in favor of endorsing a resolution calling for the academic boycott of Israeli institutions. In response, Palestine Legal staff attorney Radhika Sainath submitted the following letter to the editor, which the Journal refused to run.

Why my books are not published in Israel

Susan Abulhawa on
Susan Abulhawa (Photo: Dorthe Karlsen)

Palestinian author Susan Albulhawa shares a correspondence with an Israeli publisher where she explains why she won’t allow her books to be published in Israel: “How could I sell my novel rights to a people who have been destroying our society?”

UNHCR ends G4S security contracts in Jordan (Updated)

Ryvka Barnard on
Protest in London, calls on the UN to cancel its $22m contracts with G4S.  (Photo: BDS Movement/Facebook)

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement announced a victory today as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Jordan confirmed to journalists that it no longer does business with the British private security firm G4S.

San Jose State University becomes first California State University to pass student government BDS resolution

Mondoweiss Editors on
(Image: Students for Justice in Palestine at SJSU Facebook page)

On Wednesday November 18, 2015, San Jose State University became the first California State University to pass a student government resolution to divest from companies complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The Associated Students resolution calls on the Board of Directors to remove San Jose State University’s holdings from four companies that play an active role in the human rights violations committed by the Israeli Government in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. This resolution is endorsed by 28 organizations the vast majority of which are student organizations of diverse backgrounds.

Dialogue’s Demise: Why the American Anthropological Association should support the boycott of Israe​li​ academic institutions

Laurie King on
A BDS pamphlet.

On Friday, the American Anthropological Association will consider a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions. Laurie King writes in favor of boycott. “A boycott of Israeli universities (not individuals) would show Palestinians that they are not forgotten, that their suffering has not gone unnoticed or unanalyzed, that they are still considered fully human, while encouraging Israeli society to confront the discrimination and structural violence implicit in Zionism as it now is manifest in Israeli governmental, military, economic, and social policies.”

‘I endorse the cultural boycott of Israel’: Prominent artists support New York-based campaign for cultural boycott of Israel

Adalah-NY on
Tunde Adebimpe of the band TV on the Radio. (Image: Adalah-NY)

A new video released by Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel features eight leading artists stating, “I endorse the cultural boycott of Israel.” The artists include Tony-nominated stage and television actress Kathleen Chalfant; musician Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd; musicians Kyp Malone and Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio; musicians Kool A.D and Tamar-kali; artist and author of Drawing Blood, Molly Crabapple; and visual artist Swoon.

Zionism, anti-blackness, and the struggle for Palestine

Jemima Pierre on
Eritrean Habtom Zerhom, 29, was killed by an Israeli security officer after a mob misidentified him as a Bedouin attacker. (Photo: i24 News)

Jemima Pierre writes, “As a Black anthropologist with cultural, political, and research concerns in communities of African descent, I know too well the ways that global structures of race and power operate to control, destroy, debase, punish, and dehumanize. I understand that anti-Blackness in Israel is but a symptom of the broader culture and practice of Palestinian disenfranchisement.”

Oberlin College Board of Trustees rejects divestment proposal amidst lack of transparency

Jacob Ertel on
Oberlin College

Oberlin College’s Investment Office has rejected a proposal submitted by the campus club, Students for a Free Palestine, calling on the college to drop holdings in a number of corporations involved in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. Though Oberlin’s Student Senate passed a divestment resolution submitted by Students for a Free Palestine in May 2013, the Board’s rejection of SFP’s divestment proposal indicates a watershed moment for campus-based BDS movements across the country: it represents what can happen when symbolic divestment resolutions are met with supposedly amenable college administrative frameworks.

An Open Letter to Dan Rabinowitz: Let’s get our facts straight about BDS

Nadia Abu El-Haj on
A BDS pamphlet.

Professor Nadia Abu El-Haj responds to a recent Ha’aretz column by Israeli anthropologist Dan Rabinowitz who argued against the Palestinian academic and cultural boycott of Israel by saying the BDS movement surreptitiously promotes the “endgame” of “a future with no Israel.” Abu El-Haj writes: “Nearly 70 years later, however, Israel does exist so the question shifts: What do we do now? BDS insists that Israel cannot—and should not—continue to exist as it exists today. Yes, this is a challenge to the state’s future—that is, those of us advocating for boycott and divestment think that the Israeli state has no right to continue to exist as a racial state that builds the distinction between Jew and non-Jew into its citizenship laws, its legal regimes, its educational system, its economy, and its military and policing tactics. What the day after will look like remains an open question.”

Park Slope Food Coop censors letters on BDS

Philip Weiss on
Sarah Wellington of We Will Not Be Silent makes her position clear at the Park Slope Food Coop. Photo credit Trey Pentecost

Editors of Park Slope Food Coop newsletter censor letters on boycotting Israel because editing takes up so much of their time as editors and the letters allegedly contain hate speech.