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Alice Rothchild is a Jewish-American physician. Her most recent book is Broken Promises, Broken Dreams, published by Pluto Press. It describes Rothchild's exploration of stories of Jewish and Palestinian trauma and resilience.

Their water supply taken by Israeli settlers, Palestinian villagers depend on donkeys

Alice Rothchild chronicles settler attacks on village water supplies in and around the resilient city of Nablus

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A visit to Al-Araqib, the desert village that refuses to be erased

On the trilingual signs in Israel, the Arabic for Jerusalem is a transliteration of Yerushalayim, the Hebrew name. So: Al Quds is removed from the Israeli lexicon

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A true story of bovine resistance

The 1948 war was the incomplete war in the eyes of Israeli generals. In 1967 they finished the job. The first intifadah, 20 years deferred, was the inevitable response

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In the Queen of Hearts’ East Jerusalem, Palestinians ‘self-demolish’

The 18 year old at passport control barely makes eye contact. Alice Rothchild files from her entry into Israel, and then on to East Jerusalem

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In Balata, the occupation is not just of body, but of mind

Alice Rothchild writes from Balata camp: The look of hopelessness in many mothers, shopkeepers makes me put away my camera. The words, “occupation tourism” passes across my thoughts; I cannot look any more, but I cannot turn away. Perhaps all I can do is to share my outrage with you, and perhaps the next time someone says the question of refugees is “off the table,” you can tell them about the resilient and tired, men, women, and children of Balata Refugee Camp.

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Trauma begins at home

Why is Israel sending trauma teams around the world to help out victims and at the same time uprooting Bedouin communities? Health-care-washing, a new phase of active propaganda. From Dr. Alice Rothchild

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The Palestinian narrating, and the Jew listening — a new film about the Nakba

The Holocaust narrative is incomplete without Jews coming to terms with the expulsion of 750,000 Palestinians from Palestine, that quickly followed the Second World War

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50 years later, King’s Birmingham letter resonates in Palestine

As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the protests against Southern segregation in Birmingham and celebrate Tuesday’s anniversary of Martin Luther King’s penning of his fiery “Letter from Birmingham jail,” we are challenged by King’s deeds and voice. In October 2012, under the leadership of the Dorothy Cotton Institute, a delegation of African-American civil rights leaders, theologians, scholars and activists, (many of whom are Jewish), traveled to Israel and the West Bank to see for themselves. Informed by our experiences and knowledge of the segregated South, sit-ins, bus boycotts and nonviolent marches, many were unprepared for the striking parallels we faced.

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Who started it?

During a rally against the bombardment of Gaza in November, a man shouted at me, “Who started it?” Good question

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A meeting with the spokesman of the Jewish settlers in Hebron

The day starts grey and edgy for me, not only because we are going to visit the alternative universe of Hebron, but also because the visit will start out with meeting David Wilder, a spokesmen for the (most aggressive intolerant) Jewish community in Hebron. Some in our group feel that morally they cannot sit down with this man, (would I meet with a Klansmen?); others feel this is an unusual opportunity to observe and understand the enemy. For a delegation devoted to nonviolent struggle, I am finding little love and tolerance in my heart; in fact, I do not know if I will be able to be remotely civil.

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Bullets and stones in Nabi Saleh

Alice Rothchild reports from the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh: “Three military vehicles are parked at the checkpoint and a group of boisterous protesters is marching toward them, waving flags, carrying handwritten banners, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter,” “A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent.” MLK is alive and well in this West Bank town.”

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Watching, and experiencing, ‘Five Broken Cameras’ in Bil’in

The last time I went to Bil’in was in January 2011 for a frightening, exhilarating tear gas filled Friday demonstration against the wall. This time, not only did we arrive on a Wednesday, (no demonstrations), but conditions have changed dramatically, though not barely enough.

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If walls could talk

I can only wonder how this reality becomes normal; how people looking for good housing and schools and a nice playground for their children can live in a place where ghettoizing another people, smashing their homes and building ugly concrete walls that devastate families and once deeply inspirational landscape can be considered a reasonable response to the fear and insecurity and land greed that drives so much of Israeli policy.

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Segregation in the ‘democratic state’ of Israel

Jerusalem is a microcosm of what is happening in Area C, the area of the West Bank that is under Israeli civil and military control. There have been innumerable attempts to make life so unbearable that Palestinians will leave and now 150,000 are left. Above, is a billboard advertising the Nof Zion settlement in East Jerusalem.

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Taking on TIAA-CREF, with pain and outrage

Today in Charlotte, North Carolina, CREF, part of TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America and the College Retirement Equities Fund), a $400 billion finanical services, investment and retirement company, held its annual shareholders’ meeting. The company elected trustees, … Continue reading

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Gov’r Deval Patrick gives Tribe hummus a tax break. Oy

Lately Alice Rothchild appeared on Arabic Hour, Arab-American community television, to talk about boycott. We asked her for a summary of the show, which you can watch here. I was asked to discuss local Boston area efforts in the realm … Continue reading

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An educated Palestinian describes her rightslessness

I thought my last day in Ramallah, January 15, would be a reflective, low key day to catch up, finish blogging, look at my 700+ emails, and pack, when my host asks me to join him and the US student … Continue reading

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I get a closeup picture of the health care system and women’s lives in Palestine

For the second week of the delegation, we divide into different interest groups and the medical folks are based in Nablus, working with Palestinian Medical Relief Society. On the second day we are standing in the waiting area of the … Continue reading

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Who profits from the occupation?

As we learn more about the BDS movement, a critical question emerges: what companies are involved with which activities that ultimately sustain the occupation? In Tel Aviv we meet Dalit Baum, an Israeli member of the Coalition of Women for … Continue reading

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‘I am here to save the Jews from Israel’

Saed Abu Hijeh, a poet, geographer, and radio host, greets us in his garden in Nablus, explaining that this is where is mother, well known peace activist Shaden Abdel Qader Al Saleh Abu-Hijleh, was assassinated by Israeli soldiers in 2002 … Continue reading

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Inside Qalqilyia: Choked by a wall and 12 settlements, its water and ancestral lands stolen

Qalqilyia, a bulge of land in the West Bank protruding westward against the Green Line, was the first city in 2002 to be fully enclosed by the separation wall, with one checkpoint, like the neck of a bottle, emptying the … Continue reading

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‘What is this, delusional?’ (the west’s deafening silence on the Judaization of Jerusalem)

January 9, East Jerusalem We were in the midst of a political tour of East Jerusalem with journalist and activist Abu Hassan, trying to comprehend the bizarre realities in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. We stand in front of the house … Continue reading

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The siege of Gaza: Due to attacks on fishermen, now even fish must come thru tunnels from Egypt

A torrential rain sweeps through Nablus, the city of hills, and the street is briefly turned into a rushing river as we come to meet Dr. Allam Jarrar, our friend and partner at Palestinian Medical Relief Society. He looks fit … Continue reading

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In Bil’in, protesters wear yellow stars with ‘Palestinian’ written on them

If you are going to be tear gassed, I strongly suggest you rub Vicks Vapor Rub in your nostrils, bring an onion to smell, or alcohol swabs although fragrant baby wipes work fairly well, and don’t forget to bring a … Continue reading

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How I became a human smuggler

I have to confess, we were not prepared. We were not even aware of the white-faced American mostly Jewish privileged skin in which we were living. Our bus left the tiny village of Mas’ha, heading past Ariel to the municipality … Continue reading

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