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Simon & Schuster Is More Powerful Than Pakistan

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When Pervez Musharaff refused today at a White House news conference to answer the question of what threat was made against his government after 9/11, by the United States, he cited his contract to his publisher, Simon & Schuster, saying he couldn’t talk till the 25th, when his book is published. The White House press corps was embarrassed; it was a naked admission of the sort of deal that so much of our discourse is bound by. And humiliating, to see a head of state so bound. Even more pathetic, Musharaff’s disclosures were already alll over television, thanks to Simon & Schuster’s rollout. On 60 Minutes this Sunday of course; CBS and S&S share the same corporate parent. Synergy. Someone should have clued the Pakistani Prez.

Philip Weiss

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