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More Fingerpointing at Rove

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If Rumsfeld’s resignation was in the playbook, presumably under Hail Mary Pass, then why didn’t they call the play two weeks back when it could actually have done some good politically and maybe saved Lincoln Chafee et al? Paralysis at the controls. The failure would seem to underscore the general theme: these boys are in denial, and unable to come to terms with what a hash they’ve made of things. Here and in Iraq. W is presumably in a back hallway, praying to an oil painting.

Not that the Dems have any answers. The Fire Rumsfeld option always amounted to a form of ass-covering. Schumer and Hillary and John Kerry encouraged this fiasco. (Arguing that it could have been done better is Titanic-deck-chair-rearrangement. 500,000 troops or 250,000, disbanded army or not—imagine how you would respond to someone invading your country.)

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