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Time to Point Fingers: Karl Rove in Pennsylvania!?

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I can’t wait for the Republican fingerpointing to begin. I can’t wait so much I want to start it myself!

My Monday-morning questions for Karl Rove: Why didn’t you sacrifice everything else to try and hold the Senate? Howard Dean had a 50-state srategy, you should have had a 5-state strategy: Montana, Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, Rhode Island. Right now it looks like you won one of those, and you needed two. How bad was your polling—why didn’t you understand ten days ago that you had lost the House and forget about it? Most important, you famously abandoned Mike DeWine in Ohio, and good for you, but why didn’t you abandon Pennsylvania? DeWine lost by 12 points but next door, even as the conservative websites were saying he was competitive, Rick Santorum lost by nearly 60/40. Santorum got absolutely crushed—in the most expensive race in Pennsylvania history. Why didn’t you know this? Why did you put one nickel in Pennsylvania when power was inching out of your grasp in smaller markets?

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