Israeli City Underwrites Program to Stop Israeli Girls From Dating Israeli Arabs

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Here's why I say that Zionism's a deadend ideology. Haaretz reports that the schools in the city of Kiryat Gat, in southern Israel, are using a video called "Sleeping with the Enemy" in a program approved by the local government aimed at stopping Israeli girls from going out with Israeli Arabs. Has the support of the local police and the "anti-assimilation department" of a religious organization. Arabs are "exploitive," the propaganda warns. Anyone who says that this is racist doesn't know what they're talking about, says one of the program's promoters. Israeli Arabs serve in the armed forces, by the way. And Zionists chose to build their state in the Arab world, 500 miles east of Istanbul. I guess stuff like this happened in the segregated south. And just think how widespread policies like this will be as the "demographic" issues become more severe, threatening the Jewish majority. Will the American papers pick this up? I doubt it. Do American Jewish organizations care? Nope.

By the way, I just noticed the program is sexist too. What about the Jewish boys? Arab girls are hot.

(Thanks to Michael Brown of Interfaith Peacebuilders for the tip…)

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