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Israeli foreign ministry seeks to pay shills in blogosphere to get out the good word

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Israel's Foreign Ministry wants to spend $150,000 to plant shills on websites around the world to fight Israel's bad image. Happily, Rona Kuperboim at Ynet is agin it, for the right reasons, calls it thought-police:

Foreign Ministry officials are fighting
what they see as a terrible and scary monster: the Palestinian public
relations monster. Yet nothing can be done to defeat it, regardless of
how many foolish inventions will be introduced and how many bright
communication students will be hired.

The reason is that good PR cannot make the reality in the occupied
territories prettier. Children are being killed, homes are being
bombed, and families are starved. Yet nonetheless, the Foreign Ministry
wants to try to change the situation. And they have willing partners.
“Where do I submit a CV?” wrote one respondent. “I’m fluent in several
languages and I’m able to spew forth bullshit for hours on end.”

Any attempt to plant talkbacks online must fail. Especially if the
State is behind it. Not only because it’s easy to identify responses
made on behalf of someone, but also because it’s anti-democratic.

Thanks to Felice Gelman for tip.

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