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July 2009

Herzl had a Christmas tree

Philip Weiss on

Theodor Herzl is a saint of the Jewish right. The popular translation of the Zionist leader’s diaries was published in 1956. Surprise: it left out this passage from the Complete Diaries (published in five volumes by Thomas Yoseloff in 1960, now out of print): December 24, 1895 I was just lighting the Christmas tree for […]

When will American media discover the powerful new religious right?

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday in Israel, 1500 settlers protested any change in Israel’s expansionist policies in the West Bank. "Stop screwing Israel," one sign said. ("Worse than a Palin rally," says Ilene Cohen.) And Rabbi Eliezer Waldman called Obama a racist. Here’s Eliezer Waldman from 2005: The struggle with our own Jewish brothers is the struggle between Zionism […]

Two Pennsylvania women to report on Gaza at Doylestown coffee shop

Philip Weiss on

The grass roots: Two (highly-articulate) women who visited Gaza in May will be reporting on their trip in Doylestown, PA, tomorrow. Susan Johnson and Emma Grigoire, whom I traveled with, will give two presentations on what they saw at a local coffee shop. Details at Johnson’s blog, "Seeing for Myself."

Abe Foxman catches foot in mouth in the Huffington Post

Ali Gharib on

Abe Foxman tries to discredit Obama’s settlement push in the Huffington Post by implying he is being a patsy for the Arabs, but instead he inadvertently reminds us that there is a widely held consensus that the US has been one sided for too long.

West Bank protesters imagine a binational future (with only Arab media watching)

Joseph Dana on

Saturday was a burning hot day in the West Bank. Combatants for Peace, a group made up of Israeli ex-combat soldiers and Palestinian ex-fighters, planned a protest at an illegal outpost adjacent to Shufa, a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank that is very close to the Green Line. The illegal outpost was built […]

‘Rachel’ screening in San Francisco shows a growing movement tired of being censored about Israel

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb on

Report from the screening of the film Rachel at the The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival this past Saturday: The fact that the vast majority of people in the crowd at the Castro Theatre would not let the Voice of Israel representative speak his mind without interruption reflects growing frustration with the use of pubic slander, character assassination, cancellation of speakers, firing of faculty and demand for resignations by the so-called defenders of Israel. The representative of Voice of Israel was not there to dialogue. Only to chastise. The crowd refused to be chastised. The crowd at the Castro represents a growing movement of individuals and groups who believe that peace between Israelis and Palestinians can never be achieved without addressing and redressing the issue of Palestinian human rights.

Dershowitz says, actually Nakba was Palestinians prolonging the Holocaust

Philip Weiss on

In the Jerusalem Post, Alan Dershowitz goes against the new trend among political Zionists who base Israel’s right-to-be-there in the Bible– as opposed to the Holocaust, which Obama cited in Cairo. Dersh is with Obama. He says, Actually the Holocaust is a basis, because the Palestinians supported the Nazis in the second World War. I […]

and the trickle became a flood…

Philip Weiss on

Eight congresspeople are reported to have entered Gaza today. When they see endless scenes like this wantonly-demolished factory, the sum of a man’s life work, they can’t help but wonder, What’s wrong with this picture? What do I owe the Israel lobby?

Did Netanyahu create ‘Shepherd’s Hotel’ row so as to defy Obama?

Ira Glunts on

Here is an interesting rumor to add to the murky mix of reports surrounding the Obama-Netanyahu confrontation. According to Ron Kampeas of JTA, the widely reported story that the new Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren was summoned by State Department officials and told that the his government must halt its announced plans to build Jewish housing […]

‘Code Pink’ organizes end-of-year march in Gaza

Philip Weiss on

  Medea Benjamin of the antiwar group Code Pink, shown above visiting a school in Gaza last month, is organizing a large march inside Gaza at the end of the year to protest Israel’s blockade of the territory. Code Pink is holding an organizing meeting for the march on Thursday night in Washington. Benjamin writes: […]

Hope lives in Gaza despite siege, desperation and anger

Antony Loewenstein on

The drive from Gaza City to Khan Younis takes around 40 minutes. The roads are rocky and the landscape barren, with destroyed houses and factories along the way. Cars and donkey-drawn carts populate the road. Last Friday I rode in a battered taxi towards the city to hear Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh address Friday prayers at the main mosque. Palm trees refused to sway. It was one of Haniyeh’s first public appearances since the end of Israel’s December/January bombardment . . .

The Holocaust and Israel’s ‘re-establishment’

Jack Ross on

There has been something bizarre about the turn in Israeli/Zionist rhetoric in recent months, particularly following Obama’s speech in Cairo.  The Zionists have become positively hysterical on the point that Obama– just like big bad Ahmadinejad–apparently suggested that Israel exists as compensation for the Final Solution. How dare they not acknowledge the enduring tie of […]

Israel Expels African Refugees from Tel Aviv

Jesse Fox on

Israelis and African refugees protest the expulsion. Photo: Daniel Cherrin This past weekend, a couple friends and I helped four Sudanese families move out of Tel Aviv. The families, refugees from conflict zones in Darfur and South Sudan, were grateful to us for our help. We rented a van (which of course broke down mid-move), […]

Jewish community is now ‘under siege’ — from within

Philip Weiss on

You thought Gaza was under siege? San Francisco Chronicle says that the SF Jewish Film festival, oldest in the country at 29, is "under siege" for showing a documentary about Rachel Corrie and, worse, inviting the freedom rider’s mother to talk about the six-year-old case that will not go away, for a reason. An executive […]

NY Times runs a circa-1950 book review in 2009

Adam Horowitz on

Talk about unreconstructed, the New York Times book review section today is a real doozy. Between celebrating the Israel of today and yesteryear, along with resuscitating the specter of the "Islamofacist" boogeyman, it really hits all the marks. But here is one passage from Jonathan Tepperman’s review of A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the […]

As usual, ‘NYT’ puts Palestinians inside the parenthesis

Anonymous Contributor on

A friend writes: Today’s New York Times Book Review contains three reviews in three pages (pp. 10-12) directly or indirectly about Israel. This odd concentration is not explained by a national or religious holiday, a special issue or a designated section. The shortest of the pieces, "Zionist in the White House," a review by Jonathan […]

U.S.’s largest Jewish newspaper promotes aliyah without disclosing settlement angle

Rob Browne on

This week’s NY Jewish Week has a front page article describing the economic recession’s effect on the number of people making aliyah to Israel. A spokesperson for Nefesh B’ Nefesh, the main organization assisting Jewish people making aliyah, says that 4,000 people from North America and England will likely settle in Israel this year, a […]

Bless its heart, ‘NPR’ covers the new Israel

Philip Weiss on

NPR’s "All Things Considered" did two pieces on the new Israel yesterday. One was about plans to remove Arabic names for places from road signs. Reporter was Peter Kenyon. Excellent job on an ugly story. The second piece was also unpleasant: about the elimination of the Nakba from textbooks in Israeli schools, including those serving […]

Did Israel commit piracy when it intercepted the Free Gaza ship?

Adam Horowitz on

Several people have raised the issue with me of whether Israel committed piracy when it intercepted the Free Gaza ship trying to break the siege by delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza. Radhika Sainath has a useful post on the subject over at Electronic Intifada. In a nutshell, the answer seem to be “yes.”

It’s getting clear Obama needs to set a deadline with the Israeli Government – will he?

Rob Browne on

Over at The Cable, Laura Rozen discusses the diplomatic plans for Robert Gates, George Mitchell, and James Jones in Israel next week, and gives some curious insight into the present U.S./Israel relationship.

The article discusses the possibility that President Obama may need to set a deadline in order to break the stalemate with the Israeli Government. According to earlier estimates, the President has about four weeks to get the peace process moving forward. He and his Administration have done an excellent job reaching out to all elements of the Status-Quo, Pro-Israel community. It is now time to for Obama to stop listening and start acting, otherwise these defenders of the status quo will continue to find new and destructive ways of playing out the clock.

The site looks great and we have foliovision to thank for it

Adam Horowitz on

Thanks everyone for your kind words about the site redesign. Phil and I are very happy with it, and it would not have been possible without the wonderful work of the folks over at foliovision ( They have done an amazing job.

The team over there has helped us every step of the way, including the arduous task of moving us from Typepad to Wordpress. As you can see they didn’t only work behind the scenes, but gave us a slick new look as well. We love it. And then they even trained us on how to use it! (Although don’t blame them for any of our screw ups.)

Please check them out if you ever want to move to Wordpress or just brighten up your corner of the Internet. You won’t be disappointed.