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July 2009

Israeli left begins to fight the settlers – in the US

Adam Horowitz on

Israeli peace organizations are taking the lead on a campaign that should really be coming from Jewish organizations in the US – cutting off the funding for the settlements coming from the US. The Jerusalem Post reports that Gush Shalom is evidently taking up the cause partly in response to the Israeli government’s attempts to cut off European funding to Israeli peace organizations. One of the early targets of the campaign is going to be Shuva Israel which looks to be an evangelical Christian organization that supports Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Interestingly the campaign is going to move on to hit some cornerstones Jewish philanthropy including Nefesh B’Nefesh, the Jewish National Fund and the World Zionist Organization.

definitely not good for the Jews

Philip Weiss on

NYPost on that giant NJ indictment that includes several rabbis, and international trafficking in kidneys coming thru Israel: Israel Dwek — the father of Solomon "Shlomo" Dwek, who helped the feds nail three New Jersey mayors and several rabbis in Brooklyn last week — plans to sit shiva for his son because he is so […]

Stories from Gaza

Antony Loewenstein on

The Western view of Gaza is of a desperate and violent place. Terrorism, extremism, Jew-hatred and poverty merge to create a dangerous brew. The Hamas-controlled territory poses a supposedly existential threat to Israel (and Jews everywhere.) But this is only one side of the besieged Strip. And much of it is blatantly untrue. This video […]

Milosevic, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Kirchick

Adam Horowitz on

The Democracy in America blog over at the has one the best comments on Jamie Kirchick’s smear of Max Blumenthal and Jewish critics of Israel yet (with a great post title to boot) – Efforts to win support for right-wing Israeli policies are inevitably going to spin off accusations, like Mr Kirchik’s, that Jews […]

Israel’s supporters unwilling to wrestle with Einstein’s change of heart towards Zionism

Adam Horowitz on

People are starting to to take notice of Fred Jerome’s new book, Einstein on Israel and Zionism. I reviewed the book here a couple months ago, but now it has gotten the attention of David Billet at The New Republic and Adam Kirsch at Tablet. Both are apparently Zionists, and both seem unwilling to grapple with the important issues the book raises.

This Week, I Will Mourn Twice

Rob Browne on

Wednesday evening begins Tisha B’Av, or the Ninth Day of the Hebrew Calender month of Av. This is the saddest day of the year in the Jewish religion. On this day, the First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.E., and the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E..

Many Jewish sages stated that the Temples were destroyed because of sinat hinam, or causeless hatred. Their lack of concern and compassion led to a destructive disunity among the Jewish people. So along with many other Jews, I will communally mourn tomorrow night to reflect on the tragic events of my people, as well as the tragedies that have occurred and continue to occur to all peoples.

The second reason I will mourn is more personal. On Sunday, my 18 year old cousin will leave American and move to Israel (make aliyah). After a three month stay at a kibbutz acclimating into her new nation, she will be joining the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Obama = Ahmadinejad? Pleease!

Philip Weiss on

Israeli in NY Times linked Obama to Ahmadinejad, as suggesting that Israel was born of the Holocaust. But wasn’t it?

Israeli right welcomes US envoys with racist rally

Joseph Dana and Mairav Zonszein on

A rally was held this evening protesting the arrival of the US envoys in Israel. Members of National Union, Likud and Israel Beiteinu led the crowd, which included Kahanists wearing t-shirts saying “Kahane was right,” referring to Meir Kahane’s ideology of violence against all who stand in the way of the constant expansion of Jewish territory.

The people that attended the rally think that occupying another people and chanting racist slurs at the first black president of the United States (who was elected by a majority of American Jews who support him) is their expression of freedom and democracy. As a humanist and a pragmatist, it can feel very uneasy and unsafe in this country. (VIDEO)