Jeffrey Goldberg suggests anti-Zionists aren’t Jews

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Weird. Jeffrey Goldberg goes after the bloggers panel during the J Street conference and describes it as a group of "anti-Zionists with Jewish parents." Think about that. This is a statement of excommunication. He’s not saying anti-Zionist Jews. He’s saying we had Jewish parents. He’s not even calling us non-Jewish Jews, an insult that hurled by an old Israeli recently. This time we don’t get to be Jews. Thus he equates Jewishness with Zionism, entirely. His dismissal presumably refers to Richard Silverstein, Jerry Haber, Sydney Levy, Max Blumenthal, myself et al. A couple of those folks are Zionists, by the way.

Also: Haber and I learned that we were bar mitzvah’d in the same conservative Baltimore synagogue and had the same cantor, Weisgal, I’m forgetting his first name. Haber was in the big suburban branch, I was in the inner city branch.  

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