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Samantha Power is stealth force for change

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Obama adviser Samantha Power met with Israeli officials recently on Gaza and the Goldstone report. Haaretz:

Power did not hide her criticism of Israel’s handling of the Goldstone report; she asked whether Israel’s thinking on the issue was "strategic or tactical."

"Is the correct strategy fighting Goldstone on all fronts?" she asked.

A main message of the U.S. officials was that the humanitarian situation in Gaza was directly linked to the ability of Israel’s critics to push the Goldstone report forward and the ability to block the report’s consequences.

Note that Power co-edited a book on human rights with Graham Allison featuring an article by Richard Goldstone; and in her meeting she did not denounce or offer a ritualistic denial of the Goldstone report– which implies acceptance of the premise and conclusions. She instead asked whether Israel was going to respond strategically.

Remember that in days gone by, Power expressed empathy for the Palestinians and offered explict criticism of Israeli practices and of the fact that the US is joined at the hip to Israel. You can read some of her good stuff in this neocon denunciation of Power for her human rights advocacy.

Also: Goldstone is no stranger to Harvard and in 2008 gave a prestigious lecture on the 60th declaration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. And he’s taught at Harvard Law School.

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