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Dubai puts wind under the wings of… Goldstone

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Wow, I missed this. Fallout from Dubai assassination is hurting Israel’s push against Goldstone!! "Australia Abandons Israel." You see, Australia abstained on the vote in the UN calling for further investigation of the Gaza onslaught, stemming from the Goldstone Report. And France and England switched their votes, to call for more investigation.

In New York on Friday night, Australia abstained from a resolution calling for further investigation of the 2009 Gaza conflict and war crimes allegations. Not so long ago Australia was one of 17 countries to join Israel to vote against a similar resolution. The message is clear.

Britain and France went further. Having abstained in the vote last November, on Friday both backed the need for further investigations. Germany switched along the same lines as Australia while Ireland – the other country caught in the visa scandal – has voted for investigation both times….

And from the Sydney Morning Herald:

One Department of Foreign Affairs source told the Herald there was no doubt the decision to abstain was intended as a sign to Israel not to take Australian support for granted.

”A number of things made it easier for us to switch our vote,” the source said.

”Firstly, the Americans helped the Palestinians to soften the wording of this resolution compared to the last one. Secondly, a number of other countries had indicated that they were toughening their own positions on Goldstone.

Thanks to Alex Kane.

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