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‘J Street’ stands ‘solidly behind’ Obama

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I missed this yesterday. Jeremy Ben-Ami’s statement could be stronger, it could denounce the East Jerusalem expansion– "provocative actions" is weak– but J Street can’t alienate its conservative wing (body?). There is some overlap with AIPAC, of course; the let’s look at Iran stuff. Excerpt:

Preventing provocative actions which undermine the peace process and decisions which weaken U.S. credibility in the region is also a matter of fundamental American national security interest, particularly as the U.S. government works to build a broad international coalition to address the Iranian nuclear program…

the Obama administration’s reaction to the treatment of the Vice President last week and to the timing and substance of the Israeli government’s announcement was both understandable and appropriate.

As Vice President Biden said, “Sometimes only a friend can deliver the hardest truth.” That is what he, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod have done in recent days – and J Street, along with many friends of Israel, stands solidly behind them.

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