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Keller and Karsh–the ‘Times’ kennels the dogs of war

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Every now and then something delicious lands in my lap. But it’s better than just delicious; it’s decomposing, decayed, spongy and putrescent. I’m sick with fascination so I pick it up and turn it over and squeeze it and pull on it. I want to bite into it.

By now you may have seen Efraim Karsh’s Ode to Corpse-making in the Sunday edition of the New York Times. Apparently not contented by Judith Miller’s discovery of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program, Times executive editor Bill Keller seems intent on pushing for more war against more people.  Coming so soon after his weak-minded defense of Ethan Bronner – our Zionist in situ – one wonders whether Keller is singlehandedly capable of discrediting the Times.  No matter, so long as we get another round of Suck.On.This.

Mr. Karsh is not a thinking man’s Zionist. Or at least he doesn’t think you’re capable of thinking, so he’s very lazy about making the case for death-dealing. He starts off with a petty racist dig at the Muslims of the world – which is OK – I just sort of shrugged when I read it. Basically, the Muslims can’t stop ululating long enough to organize an athletic event. Of course, Westerners participate in the Olympic Games, which include – Muslim-majority countries…? OK. No big deal. Muslims never compete against other Muslims in the Olympic Games… wait. That doesn’t sound right. Forget the whole Muslims can’t get together long enough to do stuff. Let’s stick to the fact that they don’t win a lot of Nobel prizes. Math and science are definitely “beyond the grasp of the Islamic world.”

His mind seems to work like this:

I am dialectical in my methods and seek to educate by comparison; the Ayatollah Khomeini is like Stalin. And I also possess a deep understanding of the simplistic Arab and Eastern mind (like Jane Goodall, I lived among them).


“[N]ot only do Arabs consider themselves superior to all other Muslims, but inhabitants of Hijaz, the northwestern part of the Arabian Peninsula and Islam’s birthplace, regard themselves the only true Arabs, and tend to be highly disparaging of all other Arabic-speaking communities.”

His argument develops, and with an undoubtedly reluctant and heavy heart, Mr. Karsh explains:

“[A] military strike must remain a serious option: there is no peaceful way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions, stemming as they do from its imperialist brand of national-Islamism.”

Let’s be clear about this. There is no peaceful way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Therefore the only way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions is not peaceful. The only way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions is through violence. The only way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions is through war on Iran. We are dialectical in our methods. 

I have some questions for the ghoulish Messrs. Keller and Karsh:

Who will pay for the war? What will happen to the spot price of sweet light crude? What about natural gas? What impact will an Iran war have on the stagnant global economy? Have you generated price, cost, and impact projections based on all non-rosy alternative scenarios – the worst-case-scenario?

But those aren’t the important questions.

How long does it take for a human body to bloat and burst in the Persian sun? How long after death until I can pull a corpse’s jaw off without too much trouble? What does polyester-cotton blend burka burning into female flesh actually smell like? What does a rancid gut wound smell like? And when American boys are blown to meaty, bloody, beefy chunks by IEDs, does shit fly everywhere? 

These are the questions that ought to shatter the spleens of every warmonger, anywhere in the world.

Mr. Karsh is plainly a racist, and values human lives differently – that’s one of the effects of Zionism. I don’t expect him to worry too much about these questions. But I think Keller is guilty of living unreflectively. His mediocrity arises from a physical and intellectual distance and an incapacity for empathy. I presume a lot, but my presumptions are sympathetic – Keller’s is only a disfigured humanity.

Either way, we ought to condemn men for the decisions they make. Keller, Karsh, and the New York Times editorial board have made a decision to try and push America into war with Iran. Mothers hide your children; the diseased dogs of war – the superfluous old men – are coming for you.

Ahmed Moor
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