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Special relationship is melting in the sun

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Rasmussen poll, reported by Jay Bookman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

49 percent of Americans believe that “Israel (should) be required to stop building new settlements in occupied Palestinian territory,” while only 22 percent believe it should not. That represents a strong endorsement of the position taken by the Obama administration.

An even-more overwhelming percentage of Americans — 75 percent — believe that “Palestinian leaders (should) be required to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state” as part of a peace agreement."

But here are the most troubling numbers from Israel’s perspective:

In the poll taken March 15-16, 58 percent of Americans said they consider Israel an ally of the United States, while 32 percent consider it somewhere between an ally and enemy.

In a poll taken by Rasmussen in August, 70 percent said they considered Israel an ally, while just 16 percent considered it somewhere between an ally and enemy.

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