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TNR says it’s Obama who’s endangering Israeli lives

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Sober Yossi Klein Halevi (a favorite of Isabel Kershner’s in the New York Times) writing in the New Republic about the new blood libel, the idea that Israel’s brutal occupation is in any way, shape, fashion or form, endangering American security:

The administration, according to a report in the Israeli newspaper Yedito Aharonot, is making an even more insidious accusation against Israel. During his visit, wrote Yediot Aharanot, Biden told Israeli leaders that their policies are endangering American lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. The report has been denied in the White House. Whether or not the remark was made, what is clear today in Jerusalem is that Obama’s recklessness is endangering Israeli–and Palestinian–lives. As I listen to police sirens outside my window, Obama’s political intifada against Netanyahu seems to be turning into a third intifada over Jerusalem.

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