2 liberal NY congressmen–Nadler and Weiner–endorse organization saying ‘No!’ to two-state solution

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The Zionist Organization of America’s position is, "Say No to a Two-State Solution: Say Yes to Israel." Well, here are two liberal New York congressmen on the ZOA endorsement page, embracing the ZOA. Quotes provided by the ZOA. Do these congressmen’s liberal constituents believe in a two-state solution? If they do, why are they taking this from these liberals? And if they don’t, what is the solution– democracy or apartheid or ethnic cleansing?

Cong. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY): 

Settlements illegal? – “they’re not as far as I’m concerned…There’s no immediate prospect of a (peace) settlement that can be enforced.”…Lawfare – “distorting international laws” – making it impossible to defend themselves – Israel & US  “We must put a stop to it…a historical monstrosity” – Goldstone…“Iran is an existential threat to Israel and a terrible threat to the United States…What would stop them from giving a nuclear bomb to Al-Quada…We must avoid that at all costs” – a nuclear Iran…“We have to insist…that the moment the Palestinian refugees (compensation comes up) the American administration must insist that in the same way the 850,000 refugees…must also be compensated.”

Cong. Anthony Weiner (D- NY) : 

“Aid to Palestinians until the Palestinians return to the negotiating table, we should not give them another dollar, another shekel…A lot we need to do & ZOA is doing it…We are patriotic Americans when we stand up for Eretz Israel.”

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