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Fox News says Israel owns Jerusalem

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Your Israel lobby at work: Jon Kraushar at Fox News says that Jews were wrong to vote for Obama because he is making Israel disgorge territories it won in 1967, East Jerusalem, just as the US won Texas and California from the Mexicans. Do we have to give California back? He states that Israel gave up "most" of the West Bank and that 1000 Israeli civilians have died: two misstatements right there.

And what does he want Israel to do with the Palestinians under its rule? Democracy? What does Israeli ethnocratic control of Jerusalem spell for peace in the Middle East? 

Recently Jake Weisberg wrote in Newsweek that American Jews are liberals and liberals are right to be disenchanted with Israel’s behavior, and a divide seems to be coming among the diverse ideological parties that had been unified over Middle East policy. It’s time to have this one out for the good of the country, and Jews too. Kraushar was Cheney’s debate coach. Who does he represent?

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