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Kam affair reflects Israel’s post-Goldstone ‘crisis of legitimacy’

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Jared Malsin, no stranger to Israel’s view of a free and independent press, reports on the Anat Kam scandal for the Huffington Post. He ends with a comment from historian Avner Cohen who puts the episode in a broader context:

Beyond this, what motivated Shin Bet to commit the blunder of imposing a gag order that embarrassingly collapsed under inevitable media pressure?

Avner Cohen told me he thinks one aspect of the motivation was related to "Israeli sensitivity about the Goldstone report," referring to the UN fact-finding mission that accused Israel of war crimes during its offensive on Gaza last year.

He said the underlying context in the Kam/Blau case is concern in the Israeli government about a "crisis of legitimacy" sparked by the allegations in the Goldstone report.

"There is a nervousness in Israel," he said. "There is a sense that what has been tolerated by the world for decades, the occupation, the checkpoints and so on, that there is less and less tolerance for Israel as occupier."

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